Finally – A Natural Way to Reverse the Signs of Aging.

Selphyl® is one of the newest non-surgical cosmetic treatments available and is rapidly gaining popularity as satisfied patients tell others about this quick procedure that brings lasting and impressive anti-aging results. This injectable therapy is different from other cosmetic fillers such as Juvéderm® and Restylane® because it is derived from a patient’s own body and rejuvenates the skin without swelling, lumps or bruising. Selphyl contains no animal or synthetic products and provides natural-looking results.
Adding to the excitement around this system are the relatively quick and long-lasting results patients experience after the treatment. Patients typically enjoy younger-looking, smoother skin for about 15 months after just one Selphyl treatment. The youthful results seen in about three weeks after treatment are not just surface changes either. Selphyl actually makes the skin physiologically younger as it activates your body’s own ability to treat wrinkles and loss of volume. It increases collagen growth and blood flow to bring back the appearance of fullness in areas that have begun to sag or show fine lines or wrinkles.
The Selphyl® System is a patented technology that is actually being used by physicians all over the world in a variety of applications including maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics, soft tissue regeneration, and plastic surgery. It can be used in any part of the body including the face and hands.
The system enables the safe, rapid collection of autologous PRP. This simply means that it uses a small amount of the patient’s own platelet-rich blood, which is why it has become popularly known as the “Vampire Facelift”. Only this procedure is completely non-surgical, does not involve any downtime or recovery period and is significantly less expensive than surgery.
The patient’s blood is drawn, and the platelets are separated from the red blood cells and then mixed with fibrin (a natural protein found in the blood) and injected into the area to be treated. The simple and safe procedure can be performed in our office and only takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Solomon can use various pain management techniques during the treatment to ensure your comfort throughout.
Dr. Solomon will actually overfill the area a bit so that you can see what the final results will look like. The excess injected will disappear in about a day, and then the body’s own natural resources will kick in, building up the collagen and blood vessels until the smoother, more youthful final result appears in about three weeks.
You might achieve the results you want in simply one visit or you may require more. Dr. Solomon will help you decide what will be the best approach for your individual rejuvenation goals.
Selphyl has proven safe with reliable results, and there have been no allergic reactions reported. However, it is possible that you could experience some mild irritation at the injection site such as swelling, bruising, itching, discoloration or tenderness. These are temporary conditions and typically resolve themselves within two days. No allergy testing is necessary, but if you have a history of allergies, please inform Dr. Solomon.
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