If you’re wondering if you’re truly ready to undergo plastic surgery, it’s very important to ask yourself some questions to help with that decision.
Timing is everything, and you want to make sure that your life is relatively stable, that you’re not going through a dramatic life change, or a stressful time. You also want to make sure that you have the financial resources to support your surgery and the time you need to recover afterwards.
Be honest with yourself, if you’re looking for perfection or if you think surgery will change your life, this may not be the right time or the right reasons. Physical changes may temporarily make you feel great, but lasting happiness is all about perspective.

Make sure to do your research! Have you looked into a non-surgical approach first before deciding on surgery? When choosing your surgeon, you want one who has the proper qualifications, who has performed the surgery you are interested in, thousands of times, and who will proudly share before and after pictures of previous patients with you.

If your potential surgeon tells you that your goal isn’t realistic, then listen carefully to what they’re telling you. Don’t ask your surgeon to attempt something that they don’t feel comfortable doing.
It’s important to understand both the risks and the benefits of your cosmetic procedure as well as what the recovery and healing time will look like. 4-6 weeks is generally the time needed for a full recovery before getting back to your normal activity level. It’s also critical to closely follow your post- operative instructions to lower your risk of complications and to ensure your aesthetic outcome is the best it can possibly be. Lifelong results do take time, so remember that results take time to be revealed and patience is equally as important as time.