Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide. This procedure is also traditionally referred to as a “nose job”. Many of our patients who request consultations for this surgery seek help to correct the asymmetry of their natural nose which may exist due to a variety of reasons including trauma and other medical conditions. The decision to change the appearance of your nose can be extremely impactful and a highly satisfying one, but planning involves careful research. Patients who require rhinoplasty should consider asking themselves the following questions regarding the procedure.

Are you a suitable candidate for the procedure?

Ensuring that you are choosing to undergo rhinoplasty surgery for the right reason is paramount. It’s also important that you enter into this experience with realistic expectiations. It’s very imperative that you are open and honest with your surgeon about what you hope to achieve and in return, your surgeon express what he/she is capable of accomplishing. Rhinoplasty surgery can help boost ones’ confidence due to an asymmetrical or imbalanced appearance.

At the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre, we take into account the differences in nasal characteristics between individuals and we perform rhinoplasty to suit the particular patient’s needs. For some individuals, a slight adjustment is sufficient to produce their desired look. Prior to booking surgery, we take care to ensure that our patients are well prepared and are suitable for the procedure.
Some of the factors we assess include:

  • Physical wellness for surgery. Patients are evaluated for possible complications from the procedure.
  • Mental well-being for the surgery and for the post-recovery period
  • Expectations from the surgery, to ensure the patient has realistic goals and understands their limitations.

Based on the above factors, the ideal patient would be a physically and mentally healthy individual with realistic expectations for the surgery. Some of the above assessments may involve patient interactions with licensed health care providers in other branches of medicine.

Is my surgeon experienced in this area of cosmetic surgery?

At the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre, we strive to maintain professionalism and take pride exceptional patient care. Dr. Philip Solomon is double board certified facial surgeon and is a faculty member at the University of Toronto. He is well renowned in his field for his professional standards and has experience carrying out hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures every year at his clinic in Toronto. Your safety is paramount. We evaluate each patient’s medical history prior to proceeding with surgery. For example, we evaluate for bleeding disorders and general health in order to reduce unnecessary risks and ensure optimal results.

When will I notice differences in my appearance?

We provide consultations for patients prior to planning the procedure to ensure that they understand considerations and know what to expect as they proceed through various stages in recovery. We use computer-based technologies to give our patients a rough idea about aesthetic results they can expect following the surgery, however, each person’s anatomy is unique and each procedure will be customized and dependent on many factors.

Post-operative swelling is expected during recovery and will temporarily distort the appearance of the nose. The majority of inflammation will resolve within the first 4 weeks with more minor residual swelling taking several months to completely disappear. Therefore, your final results are best appreciated at the one-year mark.

If you have any other questions regarding the procedure feel free to visit our video gallery for more information about Rhinplasty surgery.

Sep 19th 2017