Patient Question:

Dr. Solomon can you please help? I had Rhinoplasty Surgery in Iran last year.  I still have concerns regarding the appearance of my nose.  I feel my nose is still thick and the tip hangs down too much.  The bridge does not feel smooth. I also have trouble breathing now. Here are photos for you to look at.  Please let me know if you think you can help.

Dr. Solomon’s Answer:

Dr Solomon – Facial Cosmetic Surgeon – is double certified in Canada and the USA.  He is located in Toronto and Thornhill Ontario, Canada.
Thanks for contacting our clinic.  Your photos indicate that you appear to have thick nasal skin.  You also have what is called a polybeak deformity and collapse of the middle vault of your nose.  Your nasal tip is still bulky but this may be related to the lack of strength to the nasal tip.  If you want to come in for a consult we can evaluate you thoroughly and determine if revision surgery is something you wish to consider.  Breathing tests also may help determine what is contributing to your nasal congestion since your prior rhinoplasty.
You can see similar cases to yours and some examples of what can be accomplished with revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Please visit our site information on revision rhinoplasty view some of our revision rhinoplasty photos. 
Jan 04th 2010