Patient Question:
I have injured my nose a number of times and want rhinoplasty surgery. Is the nose weakened as a result of the prior injuries. Would this make rhinoplasty more difficult?

Dr Solomon Answer:

Prior nasal injuries can weaken the nose. The underlying structures including the nasal septum and the cartilage and bone that make up the bridge can be deformed as a result of injury. That being said many patients with who come for rhinoplasty have had prior injury. The degree of injury and which structures were injured would have to be established before surgery. The goal of surgery would have to be established. The options would include reconstructive rhinoplasty to try and make the nose as it was before injury or cosmetic where we would aim for a new shaped nose. It is essential to establish your specific goals of the surgery.
Regarding the strength of the nose after injury it often would depend on the timing. After an injury a nose can be straightened with manipulation within the first two weeks. After this time the nose will heal and would require re fracturing the nose to mobilize the nasal bones.If the cartilage is deformed from the injury the correction becomes more complicated and may require extensive septorhinoplasty surgery.
A nose that is crooked often is extremely difficult to restore to a perfectly straight nose.
All these factors must be considered in each case of the traumatized nose.

Oct 05th 2007