Many people are insecure about the size and shape of their ears and opt to undergo a cosmetic procedure: otoplasty.


They want to reduce the size or change the shape to something they find more pleasing.

There are many questions that patients have when considering this sort of procedure. One of the most common is: is it possible to make ears smaller without changing their shape?
If your ears are big, but they are not protruding, it is possible to make them smaller with a wedge incision. However, this method will leave behind a visible scar on the back of the ears. Therefore, the patient should consider this option.

Hesitations around Otoplasty

One of the primary considerations is the scar that will remain after the operation. It is possible to shrink the ear size without losing a lot of the original shape.owever, the scar may end up actually protruding from the ear and can impact the appearance of the ear. Even if your ear shape may stay as always from certain angles, the incision scar can impact the look of the ear from the back and the sides.
Some surgeons maintain that it is not possible to reduce the size of the ear without dramatically altering their shape. They suggest only pursuing an ear reduction if one’s health is at risk, such as having a growth or tumour removed.

Preparing for and Recovering from Otoplasty

Many surgeons perform otoplasty regularly. It involves an incision along the back of the ear and adjustment of the cartilage beneath the skin. Adults undergoing the procedure may just have a local anaesthetic. But, if you have any sort of complications or special conditions, your doctor may give you a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will use stitches on the incision, so you’ll need to plan to return to your doctor’s a week after the procedure. Then, he will safely remove the stitches.
You’ll want to give yourself approximately a week to recover from otoplasty. Furthermore, your doctor will provide you with specific details on bandaging the scar and keeping the area clean. These are important tips to keep in mind for any otoplasty procedure, including any patient who is looking specifically to reduce the size of the ear.
In theory, it is possible to change the size of one’s ears without changing the overall shape. Everyone has a different and unique set of ears, so it’s tricky to determine whether there’s a risk of having a visible scar or whether the scar would impact the shape of the overall ear. Consult with a trained and certified cosmetic surgeon with experience performing ear reductions. He will give you a better idea of the possibilities and potential consequences of ear surgery.

Apr 04th 2016