You need not be rich or famous like Pamela Lee to get plastic surgery done. I am not saying that they subscribe to getting it done. But if you want to stay younger you can always add a little beauty for a good price.

A specialist in head & neck surgery at the York Central Hospital, Dr. Philip Solomon recently opened a clinic in Thornhill, exclusively for performing facial plastic surgeries like rhinoplasties, face lifts, brow lifts and botox injections & facial injections.

Though only having opened his Thornhill clinic recently this year, Dr. Phil Solomon has been performing surgeries for the past 8 years. Not only does he have a sizable number of patients and patrons coming back to him, his practice continues to grow.

Early on, cosmetic or plastic surgery was the domain of of the rich and famous, in recent years, the mindset of the mass has changed.

Cosmetic surgery has a wider appeal, and not just with people whose profession demands glamour and media exposure. People within demographics of 30 to 40 are going not only receiving surgical procedures, they are receiving BOTOX and facial injections, just to maintain their youthful look.

Having a place they can come in for all of their needs is what we are aiming to offer, as he said.

Some procedures require surgical methods while there are others that don’t. The ancient art of blending surgery with non-surgical technique is very important.

People want to look good, but naturally good.

On site treatment by laser specialist Gail Robertson is also offered which includes a variety of procedures.

Ms. Robertson uses a trademark procedure known as ReFirme©. This is useful for tightening sagging skin by stimulating collagen cells through a combination of radio frequency and light energy technique. ReFirme©

ReFirme© can be used anywhere where you require to have a lift done. Face is a popular treatment area and so is the abdomen.

Another very popular treatment is the FotoFacial treatment. It helps remove sun damages, early aging of skin, pores and improves rosacea. These treatments augment treatment for face lifts, because we get not just firm skin but also skin free from sun damages. Its like killing two birds with a stone.

Note: Article from the Vaughn Citizen