Earlobe repair is a fast, safe, and effective procedure that corrects damage to the earlobe. It’s an ideal procedure for people who want to recover from previous damage, due to physical injury, jewelry, or aging.

Why People Choose Earlobe Repair

Many people suffer earlobe damage due to physical trauma. For instance, if an earring is ripped out, it can cause the lobe to split. However, this split doesn’t always heal correctly, and may create an unsightly notch in the earlobe.
Large dangly earrings are very popular jewelry items, but they can cause damage over time. As a consequence, the hole from the piercing in the earlobe can stretch out significantly.
A person may no longer be able to wear earrings after damage to the earlobes. In fact, posts won’t be able to stay in place because of the large piercing hole. Even wearing dangling earrings puts the earlobes at risk for splitting.
Tribal-style piercings, such as larger gauges, can cause damage to the earlobe. The gauges create “flesh tunnels” that won’t heal on their own even if the patients stops using the gauge.

How Earlobe Repair Surgery Works

Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively simple procedure. Even better, the procedure doesn’t take long: it takes only 20 to 30 minutes per earlobe to complete.
The procedure involves local anaesthesia. Patients may feel the initial injection, but the remainder of the procedure is painless.
However, if the damage to your ears is a result of large gauges, then the surgeon will remove the excess skin. Finally, he will seal the site with stitches to recreate a normal-shaped earlobe.
After the earlobe repair procedure is complete, any scarring will disappear over time. Your earlobes should be back to normal after four to six months with no signs of prior damage. Furthermore, you can also have your ears re-pierced six months after surgery if you so choose.

Benefits of Earlobe Repair

Torn and elongated earlobes can be unsightly, causing a person to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, earlobe repair surgery corrects the damage and restores self-confidence.
Many people remove large gauge earrings for professional reasons. In fact, correcting the damage can help some acquire new employment in jobs that restrict these types of jewelry.
If you’re considering getting your earlobes repaired, consult with a certified cosmetic surgeon near you who can guide you through the process and choose the best options for your needs.