When people pursue plastic surgery in Toronto, their goal is to enhance their appearance and get a more vibrant and youthful look—the procedure is just a means of achieving this end.

It’s important to consider the full range of surgical and non-surgical options that are available to patients and the ways that these two approaches can compliment each other. Every procedure and cosmetic treatment has its own strengths and weaknesses and being open to both options allows for complimentary and optimal results.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Surgical procedures like facelifts can provide long-term rejuvenation by changing the underlying facial tissue directly. Loose skin and fatty deposits can be removed, and the underlying muscles can be toned and tightened. The cheeks’ fat pads, which droop over time, can be repositioned to create a better contour and more youthful appearance. The weakness of this approach is that facelifts cannot directly alter the surface or texture of the skin. Plastic surgery in Toronto is more about structural changes and tissue manipulation.

Cosmetic treatments such as dermabrasion and laser peels specialize in altering the skin’s surface. Old skin is removed to expose fresher, younger cells and acne or acne scars can be treated to create a smoother and cleaner profile. Cosmetic treatments are also the best way to treat laugh lines, crow’s feet, sunspots, or other forms of wrinkles and discolouration. The flipside is that these treatments can’t target deeper layers of facial tissue and are unable to treat sags or folds except using temporary fillers.

Advantages of Complimentary Treatments

Combining cosmetic treatments with plastic surgery in Toronto allows patients to experience a more thorough rejuvenation. Facelifts can improve the contour of the face and remove sags and folds of aging while resurfacing treatments can address fine lines as well as improve skin texture and tone.

The result is a two-front approach where each procedure compliments the other. As a bonus, it is possible to perform certain cosmetic treatments at the same time as facial procedures. This not only saves time spent on the actual treatments but doubling up also means you only need to go through a single recovery period and can get back to your normal routine that much faster.

The other benefit of mixing surgical and non-surgical procedures lies in the latter’s more temporary nature. Cosmetic treatments do not last as long as surgical changes however dermal fillers combined with Botox can achieve significant results without having to undergo surgery.

Patients who are uncertain about whether they want to get a full procedure can use cosmetic treatments as a way to facial rejuvenation without having to commit to surgery. If they find that they enjoy the enhanced look, the option for a facelift is still on the table. In these instances, cosmetic treatments are more of a stepping stone and can help patients become used to different types of cosmetic enhancement before crossing over.