As we age, some people may develop loose skin above their eyes called hooding when the skin starts to droop, or develop enlarged fat pads which present as bags under the eyes. These all create the appearance of tired and aging eyes.
Surgery can surely help repair these changes, however, some people want to try a non-surgical approach first for reasons such as age, health conditions, or they’re just not ready for a surgical approach.
For this reason, at Solomon Facial Plastic Toronto, we offer 2 options for a non-surgical blepharoplasty.

One option involves the use of fillers and a very skilled approach to fill the areas under your eyes and around the fat pads to create a smooth surface that blends with your surrounding cheek structure. We also can use botox to help lift your brows to help open up the eyes and lift some of the loose skin, which gives your eyes a more refreshed appearance.

Often used in combination with filler is laser resurfacing of the lower and upper eyelids. The Ultrapulse Fractionated CO2 Laser enables Dr. Solomon, in certain cases, to safely resurface and tighten the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. This is an alternaive to a convenational surgical blepharoplasty where an incision is made and skin and fat are removed. Many patients can benefit from this procedure and delay the need for a formal surgical blepharoplasty.
The powerful UltraPulse Fractionated CO2 Laser can provide dramatic results, in some cases equivalent to a surgical result. CO2 Laser treatment of the lower eyelids usually requires only 1-2 treatments, with less downtime and bruising than traditional surgery. A 1-2 week recovery is required and a consultation at our clinic will best determine if you are in fact a candidate.

Aug 09th 2017