Dr. Solomon writes on male rhinoplasty surgery for Revive Magazine.

More and more men are getting their noses altered in an effort to improve their appearance. In years past, this type of plastic surgery would have been the province of women. However, given the improvements in rhinoplasty, the lure of a perfect nose has become well accepted by the male gender. As such, Otolaryngologist-Facial Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons and Maxillofacial Surgeons have started tailoring some of their procedures towards the male populace. With the recession and increasingly competitive workforce males look to cosmetic surgery to look younger and better. Rhinoplasty being one of the commonest cosmetic surgical enhancements has become increasingly sought out by men of different ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic status. But is rhinoplasty that much different between men and women?
The rhinoplasty surgical procedure is not too much different between women and men. The main difference is in the planning of the procedure which aims to achieve an ideal aesthetic result. What looks good on a woman may not look good on a man. The ideal angles and proportions of the nose are different between males and females. Males typically have larger features, and therefore a small, thin, feminine nose will look wrong on a man.

Why are men coming in droves to rhinoplasty surgeons?

The main reason that men give is the desire to improve their overall appearance by enhancing the shape of their nose. Big noses may dominate the area of the face and therefore take away from ones other more appealing features. As the nose is reduced in size or refined in shape, the overall attractiveness of the face is enhanced.
Men not only get nose jobs to reduce the size of the nose, but also to make other cosmetic changes as well. Some of these changes may be to straighten a crooked nose, smooth a bump, or reduce a bulbous or large nasal tip.
By far, the biggest change done during a nose job is the removal of the bump in the top of the nose. These bumps, also known as dorsal humps, are easily recognizable when turned sideways and often cause concern for male and female patients.
Rhinoplasty can be cosmetic or restorative or reconstructive in nature. Reconstructive rhinoplasty can correct or improve birth defects and other deformities such as deviated septum, cleft lip nasal deformities, and deformities from nasal injuries.

Young men often injure their noses in sports, what can be done?

The correction of the nose after an injury is aimed at realigning the nose and ensuring that there are no problems related to nasal function. More men than women who seek cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery may have a reconstructive component to their procedure as a result of prior injury of the nose.
Men from all walks of life with different ethnicity, socioeconomic status are seeking rhinoplasty than ever before. While rhinoplasty is an old procedure society’s increased acceptance of cosmetic enhancement surgery has made the procedure more desirable to those men and women who may not have considered years ago.

Mar 30th 2010