For many people, the signs of aging become quite noticeable in their faces. Sometimes even younger people lose their skin elasticity. However, Temporary Facial Fillers are an option.

No matter how old you are, wrinkles can creep up on you due to stress, gravity and genetics. In some cases, you may want a neck lift or eyelid surgery. However, in other cases you may just want a temporary fix that restores your natural beauty and makes you look fresh, younger and gives your skin a taut glow. Temporary facial fillers can help you achieve this effects without undergoing a full surgical procedure.

What are temporary facial fillers?

Temporary facial fillers are just as their name suggests. Therefore, they are a short-term solution to help reduce the signs of aging. They consist of different materials, that a surgeon injects underneath the skin to smooth out wrinkles. Temporary facial fillers go in major wrinkle areas, like around the nose and the sides of the mouth. Furthermore, surgeons can also apply it on the lips and forehead. They enhance parts of the face with shallow contours and where skin elasticity is lacking. Finally, this treatment also softens the skin and can even correct areas where there is recessive scarring.

What kinds of products are available?

Temporary facial fillers are semi-permanent and available in HA (hyaluronic acid) and fat transfer. HA is in gel form, to be applied by injection. You may know these popular brands of HA: Juvéderm and Restylane. Fat transfer uses purified fat (the patient’s or other). This fat comes from the buttocks or the abdomen, via liposuction.

Are they long-lasting?

Temporary facial fillers can last anywhere between six and 18 months. It is important to remember that these fillers are temporary and not meant to last a lifetime. However, patients can receive fillers multiple times over the course of a lifetime. Even more, there are very little health risks, as temporary facial fillers dissolve in time. One of the main benefits of temporary facial fillers is that the results are immediate. Unlike cosmetic surgery, that takes weeks to heal, fillers require not recovery time. You can go home right after your procedure and see your gorgeous wrinkle-free face, when the injections are complete.
Temporary fillers offer a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering temporary facial fillers to restore your look, eradicate wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging, contact Dr. Solomon.