There is no question that the quest for full luscious lips is huge right now and there’s no end in sight. When you seek a cosmetic injector for this procedure, it’s extremely beneficial for you to have an understanding about what your options are, what enhancements would best suit your face how they will be achieved.
Shaping the lips varies amongst patients. Having an understanding about what can be enhanced and what can’t be enhanced is important. A frequent concern for patients seeking lip enhancement, is to avoid the unnatural duck lips.

There are different techniques that are used that include the placement of droplets and the linear technique. Our experienced and skilled Cosmetic injectors are trained to use needle injections as well as cannula injections in order to get the best possible results.

There are different locations on the lip to enhance, including the vermillion border, the body of the lip, the wet dry junction and the cupids’ bow.
Less is often more, so be sure to start off slowly, perhaps with ½ of one syringe and no more than one whole syringe for your first treatment. You can always add more in a follow up appointment once you have adjusted to your newly enhanced lips!