Facial fillers are a great way to improve your natural beauty. The surgeon injects them in your skin to fill the area that used to have a layer of subcutaneous fat.

We lose this layer as we age, which causes our skin to sag. However, while these fillers mostly cure wrinkles and increase facial volume, they are also the favourite method of lip augmentation.

Kinds of Fillers

However, there are several different types of facial fillers with varying characteristics. Their differences consists in chemical make ups, which changes their degrees of hardness and how long they last. Depending on what kind of augmentation you prefer, doctors will determine the type of filler used. For a lip augmentation, a softer filler will create the perfect pout.

The Procedure

Having a dermal filler put into your skin is a very small procedure, it can take as short as 15 minutes.

  1. The doctor will spend time mapping your face and planning where he will place the filler. This is extremely important because, if they don’t take the time to map out what they is doing, you may not see the results you were hoping for.
  2. Then, your surgeon will clean and potentially numb the injection sites. Even without anesthetic, it should be no more painful than getting a flu shot.
  3. Injections will only take a few moments, and after each injection the doctor will spend time massaging the area to move the filler to where it needs to go. They will also evaluate how everything looks and adjust accordingly.
  4. The final step is all about cleaning up any marks left behind and letting the patient recover.

What about the results?

What kind of results you get depends on who you go to and on the procedure you need. From a lip augmentation you can expect fuller lips with better contours. Even more, the augmentation will also make them seem younger and smoother as the skin is tighter around them. Furthermore, these improvements can last almost six months.

Benefits of Facial Fillers

The beauty of using fillers are the benefits that they give. They are a subtle way to improve your looks, without having to worry about serious surgery. Additionally, it is a very effective procedure, one that you and your doctor have complete control over. This will ensure that you have the exact looks you want. Finally, and most pleasing to hear, is that it is a safe procedure. There is little chance of any kind of allergic reaction and the areas that it is focused are not difficult to work with.