The techniques used in plastic surgery continue to evolve. Especially because they provide increased benefits to patients all over the world. Cosmetic procedures give you the opportunity to create long-lasting results, like cheek dimples. You can enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence.

Plastic surgery can easily create dimples, with minimal recovery time. Even more, their aesthetic appeal is convincing people to undergo the procedure, to achieve dimples that brighten their smile and overall appearance.

Dimple Beauty

There are many reasons that dimples are such desirable features. They add a sense of playfulness and youth to a person’s look. Furthermore, they help with sex appeal. In conclusion, dimples are a quite attractive trait.

Dimples are a result of the anatomical absence of tissue associated with the buccinator muscles of the face. Experts consider them to be a genetic trait, inherited through family members.

In Asia, dimples are an indicator of wealth and good fortune. Other procedures are available in these countries to create the dimple effect. But they don’t offer a permanent solution like those made possible through plastic surgery.

Understanding the Procedure

The procedure for creating dimples is relatively simple. It requires very little recovery time. As a result, it is more popular than ever.

The dimple effect is a result of creating a small hole in the muscle. This causes a small depression in the cheek. Surgeons remove buccal fat through the incision; then, a suture is used to create the break in the muscle. This causes the outer skin to fall into the deficit created, which causes the dimple to become visible.

The procedure is applicable to a wide range of cheek sizes and types. Your doctor will help you know if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. You’ll also be able to decide where the dimples should be.

There is little need for anything beyond local anesthesia. But you can let your doctor know if you’d like to be asleep during the procedure, which takes approximately 20 minutes.


Once your doctor finishes the procedure, you can return to your home. There’s a 7–10 day recovery period in which you may experience some minor swelling that soon goes away. Your doctor may recommend limiting your diet to soft foods during this time to avoid any issues.

Because the incision is on the inside of the cheek, no visible scarring will occur. The dimples may appear even when you’re not smiling during the initial stages following your procedure. Over time, they’ll only appear when your facial muscles move while smiling.

You can get dimples with plastic surgery and achieve the aesthetic benefits it provides. They can help brighten the smile and enhance the look of the entire face. A consultation with your doctor will provide you with the information you need to finally get the dimples you’ve always wanted.