Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a new light therapy treatment method. Its main purpose is to curb symptoms of aging from sunburns, wrinkles and fine lines, broken capillaries and flabby skin. It is also a tried-and-tested hair-removal method. This means that it is empirically more effective and faster than conventional laser hair removal techniques.

It Is All-Inclusive:

A single IPL therapy encompasses virtually all forms of skin conditions, from sun damage and irregular pigmentation to fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and rosacea. Apparently there are other therapies that can offer the same. But one thing makes Intense Pulsed Light treatment stand out: specificity. It can handle all skin structures  one at a time.

Fast and Effective:

The handheld laser or computer-controlled robotic arm emits light. The beam consists of a broad wavelength of light in short, rhythmic intervals. This kind of light reachs the deepest part of the skin and vaporizes the excess melanin. The process involves a number of treatments (five at most), with the extent of skin damage playing a factor. However, most patients will begin noticing improvements almost immediately after the first session. A session is typically half an hour long—a lot shorter than other laser therapies—thanks to the sophistication of the technology behind IPL.


The procedure is not painful, only subtly irritating. This makes anesthetics, and the allergic reactions (on some people) that come with it, avoidable. Also, the after-effects are almost unnoticeable. The treated areas become darker a few days after the treatment (before the dead cells have fallen off), leaving behind evenly toned skin. There are barely any pores left oddly open on the skin, which reduces not only the risk of an infection, but also the need for downtime.


Again, unlike conventional laser treatments, IPL can specifically work on a target condition without touching on other skin structures. This reduce the side effects associated with under- or over-played treatment of specific structures.

Enhances Rapid Healing:

Lastly, as a spinoff rather than a premeditated benefit, IPL stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen helps to replace the resultant dead cells and swiftly restore the skin’s structure.


For anyone who has been looking for a fast and non-invasive way to go about restoration of their damaged skin, Intense Pulsed Light looks like the go-to option. It provides the skin with a sure route back into its youthful texture, hue and tightness. But it also ensures the patient’s daily timetable is not interrupted for treatment and healing. It has an edge over conventional therapies. Think that there is little to no pain and side effects. Furthermore, its hair removal capabilities makes it further wide-ranging and desirable.