The first few days after chemical facial peels or laser resurfacing, your skin will be too sensitive. Therefore, avoid your usual skincare products. But, do not worry, just replace them with a special routine for the first couple weeks. This will prevent your skin from irritation, infection or even scarring.

In Toronto, at Dr. Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Center, Dr. Solomon will provide you with a detailed post care instruction sheet. In it, you will find specific products for use on your skin during the initial healing process. For instance, these products typically include aquaphor gel for protection and white vinegar to cleanse and prevent infections. By following these instructions, you will gently assist the skin sloughing while maintaining a safe moisture barrier.

Dr. Solomon’s protocol will maintain the skins integrity and prevent scarring. In addition, patients should avoid make-up and non-medical grade skin care products for at least 1 week. Skin care products will be provided for you during the first week. After that you may resume using a mineral based make up and a non-irritating facial cleanser with a SPF hydrator. This is for the first month, until your skin can build up it’s natural defenses.

Is the skin care recovery easier with a chemical peel or a micro laser peel?

In general, once a chemical peel solution is placed on the patients skin, you cannot control the depth of the chemical solution. Patients may find their skin cracking around the corners of their mouth and around the base of their nose during the recovery period. Extra care needs to placed around the eyes as well. This recovery can be challenging as you experience peeling and sloughing of the skin. Often times, patients find themselves picking at the loose skin and subsequently cause scarring.

In Toronto, at Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Center, we find that patient’s skin care experience following micro laser facial peels is more easy to manage and predict. This is because a Micro laser peel is performed using a highly specialized laser. This technique uses controlled energy to safely and effectively remove the outer layers of the skin.

However, with this procedure patients may experience more redness, but they have less peeling and flaking during recovery. With both procedures, it is essential to follow the post care instructions exactly as described. Maintaining adequate moisture and using a gentle cleanser during the first week of healing is key to a good outcome of facial peels.

To maintain long term results, Dr. Solomon believes it is best to continue using some special products. Consider a medical grade cleanser. a daily moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause signs of aging skin.