More men in their early 50s have are coming to see me for a Facelift consultation. I can understand why.

Some are spending time at the gym to stay in shape. But they also want their facial appearance to keep looking fresh and youthful too. Others hold leadership positions at work and want to maintain a strong appearance. This is becoming more important for them, as videoconferencing continues to expand as a key communication tool.
As both women and men age, skin tends to sag in the neck and jowl areas. As a result, wrinkles appear, eyelids can droop and the cheek volume diminishes. However, facelift procedures for men are very different than those for women, because men have facial hair and thicker skin. The usual place for a facelift incision on a woman’s face is hidden along the ear line. But, for a man’s face, the surgeon must place carefully the incision, to make sure that the side burns keep their shape. This way, the bearded skin does not end up inside the ear, which would make it difficult to shave properly.
It’s important that a male facelift is done by a board certified facial cosmetic plastic surgeon. In other words, an expert in working with the nuances of the anatomy of the male face.

There are many different facelift options for men:

  • Traditional facelift or rhytidectomy: Good for treating sagging in the lower face.  This procedure removes jowls and loose skin or “wattles” underneath the chin. It also eliminates a deep nasolabial fold.
  • Deep plane facelift: This procedures tightens the lower face by lifting both the deeper muscles and the tissues of the face. Additionally, it repositions the fat pads on the cheeks.
  • Neck lift: This option removes excess skin and fat to tighten lax neck muscles.

You can find more information about each of these procedures here.
My overall goal is to create a natural look in keeping with each client’s overall appearance with an individualized approach that’s right for them. To find out if facial cosmetic surgery is right for you, please contact my office to book a private consultation.