Why a Facelift? We all have one thing in common – the aging process. And the parts of the body that most readily shows the signs of getting old are the face and neck.The typical signs of facial aging include deep creases, deposits of excess fat, displaced facial fat, weakened muscle tone and skin that is loose and saggy.

But hope is not lost.  You can turn back the clock on aging and add healthy beauty to your looks by having a facelift procedure by an expert facial surgeon.


A facelift can improve your features through youth-reviving improvements such as:

  • Tightening lax muscles, which improves tone and removes jowls for a leaner jawline
  • Improved contour of your neck by lifting sagging skin
  • Better neck and jawline definition by eliminating excess skin and removing fat in the neck area
  • Adding life to your cheeks through the loss of cheek volume
  • Wiping away deep creases around your mouth and nose and under the eyes by redraping the skin
  • Taking away extra fat from under your chin


A professional facelift done by Dr. Solomon will make your face and neck healthy, naturally younger and more pleasing, and improve contours in this area.


The changes that come with a facelift will be so natural that people won’t be able to tell you even had surgery. Instead, expect compliments about how well you look.


There won’t be visible scars from the procedure. That’s because the incisions done for the facelift will be hidden in your hairline, between your cheek and ear and in between your ears. Sometimes, a tiny incision is made under the chin in order to remove fat from a double chin. These incisions are carefully placed and will heal well, becoming hidden over time.


And don’t expect a painful recovery after the surgical operation, which usually takes several hours. Though you will usually feel some stiffness or tightness in your jaw and cheek for the week or so after the procedure, pain and discomfort will be minimal as you recover.


And you can also see dramatic improvement to your skin quality by having laser resurfacing done along with your surgical procedure.