When it comes to Rhinoplasty surgery, no two procedures are identical. In order for your nose to look natural, it needs to be in balance with your facial features and your ethnicity. As a whole, ethnicity does affect your nose job procedure. Certain ethnicities tend to have larger noses, more cartilage, bumps on their bridge, or other distinctive features. At Solomon Facial Plastic, Dr. Solomon will work you’re your existing structure and customize your nose to suit you.

African American and Asian patients tend to ask to have their nasal bridges built up and the nostril base narrowed. This kind of procedure gives the nose a more slender look. O7n the other hand, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Eastern European patients may require reductive techniques to reduce the overall appearance of their nose such as removing both cartilage and bone. The tip would also be refined and reshaped to create a smaller, subtler nose.

When it comes to medical rhinoplasty, some patients feel that they will lose a sense of themselves by having a nose job. For instance, some fear that their ethnic identity will be affected should they have their nose fixed. A plastic surgeon’s job is to preserve your ethnicity as well as your nose’s function.
Historically, rhinoplasty procedures were typically sought out by patients looking to achieve a more Caucasian appearance. Thankfully, the standards of beauty have shifted over time and patients are becoming more and more accepting of their own ethnicities. Caucasian looking noses are now less in demand as people celebrate their ethnicity.
For more information about ethnic rhinoplasty procedures, feel free to visit our website page on African American Rhinoplasty, as well as Asian Rhinoplasty and Persian Rhinoplasty.

Aug 09th 2017