For the past two years, Medicis has asked Dr Solomon to demonstrate Restylane Facial Fillers at the Women’s and Anti-aging Shows.

Dr Solomon showed the dramatic effects that can be achieved with Restylane and Perlane injections. Patients who were injected had a variety of problems related to the aging face.  “As the face ages it deflates almost like a balloon losing air” Dr Solomon explains to an audience of many on lookers.   The restylane products are made of Hyluronic Acid which is a natural product found in the body. It has almost no allergic response and typically lasts months.
Building up the cheek area which takes about 10 minutes makes a huge difference in restoring the face to a more youthful appearance.  In the cheeks the product perlane can last up to a year. “The results are immediate which makes the treatment so exciting for me and my patients”, explains Dr Solomon.  As we look on Dr Solomon enhances a women’s cheeks, fills in a few deep facial folds  and injects and enhances her lips.  Dr Solomon tells the group that the results vary, but for many patients this product is terrific and can be used in conjunction with facial cosmetic surgery like a facelift for optimal results.
“ These facial fillers are also used more and more in patients who want to enhance their looks while avoiding or delaying facial cosmetic surgery”.  For more information about Restylane or other facial fillers.

Feb 17th 2009