“If you’re thinking about a nose job. you might need two.”

 Shandley McMurray

About Secondary Revision Rhinoplasty

Francesca Viscardi used to feel self conscious about her nose. “it was too long, and i wanted it shorter at the tip” she says. So she underwent a routine rhinoplasty and couldn’t wait to unveil her new profile. When the bandages came off, though, she was more devastated than pleased. ‘I wasn’t breathing properly and the appearance wasn’t pleasant at all.” she says, “One side of my nose was concave… the other side was completely built up. so it gave the appearance of being crooked.” After waiting a year for her operation to heal. Viscardi went back to her Surgeon who tried, unsuccessfully, to fix it – three more times.

I was expecting to have a perfect nose.” says Viscardt. instead, the 34-year old became even more ashamed of her new profile than she was of her old one. The change was so noticeable that even friends and colleagues commented on the unsightly mistakes. Twelve years and four operations later. Viscardi decided to try her changes with Dr. Philip Solomon, a facial and nasal plastic surgeon in Thornhill. Ont.

“She is a more difficult case than most,” explains Dr. Solomon. Her nasal skin thickened and her nose became twisted as a result of too many operations. She now had what surgeons describe as a pollybeak (where the nose actually looks like a bird’s beak). “It wasn’t that she was crazy.” says Dr Solomon. “It definitely didn’t look right” Although she’s not through the healing process. Viscardi’s fifth (and hopefully last) rhinoplasty has been a success.

“I feel great,” she says of her newest nose. ‘ There’s a big difference already. The tip looks amazing, i wish I went to (Dr Solomon) in the first place.’