This year will bring many exciting trends in the vast world of cosmetic surgery.

Advancements in facial plastic surgery will allow doctors to perform procedures quickly and easily. Consequently, more people will reap the benefits.
As a result, below are some incredible cosmetic surgery trends to look for in 2015:

The marriage of function and cosmetic

Patients with a deviated septum will use rhinoplasty to rid themselves of bumps and other imperfections. Likewise, patients getting a breast reduction will likely get liposuction to better shape their new breasts. Furthermore, this doubling up will help the patient avoid multiple visits to their surgeons.

Pyramid of procedures

Many facial treatments are co-treatments. For instance, a client requests Botox in conjunction with facial fillers. This is the perfect opportunity for the fillers to more accurately target tissues, creating longer lasting results. This is often known as stacking or piggybacking.

Camera readiness at all times

The selfie is a snapshot that people take very seriously. In fact, close-ups of our faces are splattered across various social media platforms. However, this can make us very self-critical. As a result, selfie-motivated surgery will continue to rise in 2015.

Forever young

Seniors are living fuller lives than ever. For example, those over 70 may want to look as young as they feel. As a consequence, this demographic is an increasing percentage of facial plastic surgery patients. There’s no reason that seniors can’t look their best!

Eye opening procedures

Advancements in blepharoplasty, eyelid lifts, smoothing away under-eye creases, and brow lifts will be on the menu for 2015. Furthermore: If the eyes are the windows to the soul, they should be clean and perfect. Fortunately, there’s nothing a quick eye procedure can’t fix.

The fatter the better

Natural fat grafting for facial filling will continue to grow this year. In fact, fat grafting lasts longer and gives a more natural appearance. Consequently, it remains a favourite among surgeons and patients.

Little tweaks here and there

Minimal procedures such as earlobe reductions, lip lifts or even birthmark removal provide a boost in confidence. These tiny tweaks will be all the rage in 2015. At any rate, small changes can produce a huge positive impact on self-esteem.
The field of plastic surgery is rapidly advancing and giving endless benefits for patients. Even more: Topical Botox, fat-melting facial injections and new techniques are hoping to get FDA approval in 2015, making this year a great year for cosmetic surgery!