Patients with rhinophyma often face a number of issues. Their condition causes their nose to enlarge and become bulbous. Sometimes, the pores on their nose become more noticeable over time. Rhinophyma is a condition that can impact a person’s life in many ways. It’s no wonder that those with rhinophyma are now seeking out treatment options. UltraPulse is an effective treatment.


Rhinoplasty Not a Suitable Option

Rhinoplasty is designed to address the physical internal cartilage within the nose, as well as the bony components of the nose area. This means that rhinoplasty is used primarily to resolve nose sizing and shape issues. However, skin conditions need other kind of treatments. Therefore, rhinoplasty does not offer patients with rhinophyma a treatment option. TFortunately, there are a number of ways patients with rhinophyma can resolve their condition.

UltraPulse Technology Treatment

A new state-of-the-art technology is helping thousands to resolve their rhinophyma condition. UltraPulse technology harnesses laser light to remove the excess skin around the nose. Even more, it avoids the incisions or stitches required in more invasive rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeon will often use another type of laser to further reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores. However, this process may require several treatments. The best news are that it is customizable and that it will minimize discomfort during recovery.

Benefits of UltraPulse

The UltraPulse laser technology used at Solomon Facial Plastic Surgery is now present in clinics across the country.  It is a great option to help patients to treat their rhinophyma condition. In fact, the technology’s popularity is the result of the benefits it brings to the treatment process. These benefits include the following:

  • Short recovery time frames: Recovery time frames from the UltraPulse treatment range from just seven-to-14 days. As a result, many can go back to their regular work and social schedules without any problems.
  • Proven effective: Study after study and treatment after treatment have shown that UltraPulse is effective. Specifically in treating the broad range of symptoms of the rhinophyma condition.
  • Low-Chance of Recurrence: The data shows there is a low chance of recurrence of the rhinophyma after UltraPulse treatments. Therefore, this gives patients the confidence they need to rebuild their lives and gain greater self confidence for the future.

To discover more on UltraPulse technology and its benefits within the rhinophyma treatment process, speak with our expert office team today.

Jun 06th 2016