If you’re a pregnant woman or you are planning to have a baby, there are a few things to know before having a Lip Augmentation procedure.

Pregnant women are not be the best candidates for most types of plastic surgery. This is due to the risks for both mother and child. The vast majority of invasive operations are too dangerous, and collagen injections (the process by which fuller lips are achieved) are on that list.

Pregnancy Puts Women On Hold For Lip Augmentation

Today, no definitive data exists concerning the specific side effects of lip augmentation in pregnant women. The FDA approves this procedure for other kind of patients. But, the fact that the test cannot be done on pregnant women means it is off-limits.
There is no way to know how the body might react to the injection. Doctors are not aware of the potentially adverse side effects that could occur as a result. Collagen injections interact quite differently from person to person. FDA approval for the product is for repair treatments only (i.e. scar and wrinkle removal). This is different of aesthetic procedures such as lip augmentation.
Studies say that roughly 3 percent of the population is allergic to collagen. Although far from overwhelming, it means that prospective patients must perform an allergy test before getting the injection.

The Risks are Too High

The test involves inserting a trace amount of collagen into the skin on the patient’s arm. After one month evaluation period, the doctor will evaluate the presence of any potential side effects. There is no way for pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant to even make the test.
Doctors and plastic surgeons do not take these things lightly. Even if a woman declares she is not pregnant, all female patients must take a pregnancy test before receiving a collagen allergy test.
Unlike alternative treatments, the body absorbs collagen injections for a much longer period of time. That being the case, side effects typically take longer to appear.