The thought of undergoing an invasive surgical procedure can make some people apprehensive. At Solomon Facial Plastic, we understand that it’s natural for patients undergoing their first surgical procedure to be concerned about the safety and considerations for their rhinoplasty surgery. To address these concerns, we offer our patients a detailed surgical consultation well in advance of their surgery date. This is the perfect opportunity to have an open dialogue directly with your surgeon.

We have also recently updated our website to provide patients access to many frequently asked questions (FAQs) about rhinoplasty. The website content contains information that provides good technical knowledge about the procedure. Our photo gallery of before and after pictures of individuals who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery, can also be quite helpful in the decision making process. The purpose of the consultation is to allow you the opportunity to share your goals and concerns, as well as gain an understanding of the procedure in order to gain a clear picture of your surgical plan and expected results. Dr. Solomon will review your medical history and any other health concerns to ensure that your surgical experience is safe and that you are well taken care of. Your comfort is our number one priority therefore your anesthesia options will also be addressed during your consultation.

Visit on of before and after images. Nearly all of our clients with realistic expectations have achieved excellent results and are extremely happy with their new appearance. For reviews on Dr. Solomon’s rhinoplasty procedure please click on the following link to visit real self ( Real self is a third party website not affiliated with Dr. Solomon or Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Centre. Dr. Solomon is open to any questions during the surgical consultation, so feel free to come prepared with questions that you would like to be answered by a surgeon.

It was my first time going to sleep and the second I got on the table I started freaking out, Dr. Solomon was so incredibly kind and calming and held my hand until I fell asleep” ( We recommend all our patients have a look at the reviews posted by our past patients so that they have an idea about commitment to their health.

Visit to access the information you need for research about your rhinoplasty procedure. When you are ready to talk with us, please call 866-293-0616.
Once you feel that you are ready to proceed with a rhinoplasty procedure, you can book your consultation to discuss further options with Dr. Solomon. During the consultation, he will provide a surgical quote and available dates for planning.

Sep 19th 2017