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Persian Rhinoplasty

PPersian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is extremely popular in Persian culture. Both Persian women and Persian men are accepting of the benefits one can realize with rhinoplasty surgery. Persian patients are often knowledgeable and open minded regarding cosmetic surgery. Persian women recognized to be natural beauties may pursue reduction rhinoplasty to deemphasize a dominant nose and enhance their other facial features.

Persian Iranian Rhinoplasty in Toronto

There are over 100,000 Persian Canadians with almost half living in the GTA. The majority of GTA Persians live along in North York, Thornhill and Richmond Hill. Dr Solomon’s Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery Centre is located in Old Thornhill just off Yonge Street. His practice is surrounded a by a huge Persian population.

Based on the location of his practice and Dr Solomon’s reputation as a specialist in Rhinoplasty surgery, it was only natural for Dr Solomon to become recognized within the Toronto Persian community as an expert in Persian rhinoplasty.

Dr Solomon’s perspective on Persian Rhinoplasty patients

I have been performing rhinoplasty surgery for over a decade. I have a large Persian patient base. Many of my happiest patients are young Persian girls who undergo transformative rhinoplasty surgery. Generally speaking some of these patients can dramatically enhance their appearance with reduction rhinoplasty surgery. What is unique about Persian patients is their acceptance of cosmetic surgery and their willingness to undergo cosmetic enhancing rhinoplasty surgery.

Persian Rhinoplasty Toronto surgical technique

As with all rhinoplasty patients it is essential to assess each case individually. Dr Solomon will meet with you examine your nose and discuss your surgical goals. He will inform you what is realistic, achievable, and advisable. He offers advanced computer imaging to help you plan your surgical procedure. Dr Solomon has 100s of patient photos to review in his office and online to help you see what is achievable with rhinoplasty surgery.

Persian patients often present with a combination of thicker skin, larger nasal tip, and dorsal bump or hump. Depending on the patients starting point and desired goals Dr Solomon will create an individual surgical plan.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto versus traveling to Tehran for surgery.

While some Persian patients choose to travel back to Tehran for rhinoplasty there are advantages of having surgery in Toronto. There are without a doubt good Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Tehran. Just like anything else patients must do their research.

Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure where up to ten percent of the time there may be a need for a secondary procedure for optimal results. If a patient has a problem from their initial operation performed in Iran they will have to either find a new surgeon in Toronto to redo the work which maybe costly, or they will have to travel back to Tehran for a touch up.

Persian Revision Rhinoplasty

Approximately 25-30 percent of my practice is treating Persian patients. I frequently see patients with problems from nose surgery done in Iran years ago. That being said I also see some nice rhinoplasty results from patients treated in Iran. The commonest problems I see include over resection of the nasal bones and under correction of the cartilaginous bridge causing a “polybeak” appearance. The other common problem I see is over resection of the nasal tip cartilages causing excess pinching of the nasal tip and associated breathing problems. These problems can be corrected with revision rhinoplasty technique. http://www.rhinoplasty.ca/revision-rhinoplasty

To learn more about rhinoplasty see http://www.rhinoplasty.ca/rhinoplasty-surgery-toronto

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