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Your Guide to Rhinoplasty in Toronto

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Rhinoplasty in Toronto is a top-requested procedure. This cosmetic surgery is designed to alter the appearance of a person’s nose using a variety of techniques. Because your nose is central on your face, it’s size and shape affect your entire appearance.

Some Toronto rhinoplasty patients want to smooth down a bump, narrow a bulbous tip, build up the nose bridge, or reduce the size and prominence of their nose. If you feel your facial proportions are out of balance, it can negatively affect self-esteem every day. It’s Dr. Phillip Solomon’s goal to help each, unique rhinoplasty patient achieve the nose enhancement that suits them best and restore their confidence.

If you’re considering of a nose job, there’s a lot to learn about this complex, transformative procedure. We recommend you meet with a surgeon who specializes in the intricate subspecialty of facial cosmetic surgery. Ensure the surgeon you choose has plenty of rhinoplasty experience and takes the time to listen to your personal needs and goals. Having a nose job can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Who should perform your rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Dr. Philip Solomon is a renowned facial surgeon, specializing in Rhinoplasty for nearly two decades.

He is widely recognized as a Canadian leader in Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery, having performed thousands of procedures. There are a few essential things to keep in mind about your rhinoplasty surgeon:

In Canada, your nasal surgeon should hold the credential ‘FRCSC.’ It means they’re certified by the Royal College of Surgeons. Your chosen expert should be certified as either a plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or an otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon.

Rhinoplasty surgery accounts for a substantial number of the procedures Dr. Solomon performs regularly. With in-depth practice experience of both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery, he’s able to carry out some of the most challenging cases with beautiful results.

What is a primary rhinoplasty?

Whether you’re seeking rhinoplasty in Toronto for purely aesthetic purposes, to improve a functional issue, or for dramatic facial enhancement, we’ll cater to your unique needs.

Persian Rhinoplasty Toronto

When choosing nose surgery for the first time, it’s referred to as primary. Many people know from a young age that they want a nose job to change an aspect of their nose. Others decide after a nose injury, or as they become dissatisfied with some aspect of the nose over time.

People who undergo nose surgery to improve breathing will typically have what’s known as a septoplasty. This procedure to straighten and clear nasal passages deals with the central bone and cartilage that make up the septum. If combining this functional improvement with visible, aesthetic changes, then it will be termed, “septorhinoplasty.”

No two noses are entirely alike, and although you may have an ideal “wish” nose, keep in mind that unique anatomy means everyone’s procedure and outcomes will be a little different. An experienced Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon will evaluate your other facial characteristics, your desires, and nasal anatomy to create an optimal plan for you.

Primary rhinoplasty involves careful manipulation of the nasal structures to straighten, refine, add, remove or otherwise alter nasal tissue. The operation can be done with a “closed” or “open” approach. Closed rhinoplasty requires incisions made inside the nostrils and use of specialized instruments. The scars will be hidden, and recovery time quicker. This less invasive option is well-suited to more subtle nose changes.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Aftercare

Post Rhinoplasty Healing



The open rhinoplasty method requires incisions within the nostrils and one small incision across the columella- between the nostrils. This technique allows the surgeon to access the full anatomy of your nose to make complex and dramatic improvements. The recovery for this style maybe be a little longer, yet scars are still typically very well-hidden and not easy to see once healed.

Every person has a nose size, skin type, contours, nostril size, and other elements specific to their body. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will carefully assess the type and extent of procedure you need to get the nose you want, and they’ll make a treatment plan that aims for a natural-looking nose that fits ideally on your face. Rhinoplasty is meant to be very individual.

Secondary/ Revision Rhinoplasty

Persian Rhinoplasty Toronto

Revision rhinoplasty is requested if the first procedure didn’t fully address the patient’s concerns, or if there is an aesthetic result the patient is unsatisfied with. Depending on the severity of the issue, correction may be relatively easy or highly demanding. A secondary nose job presents the challenge of altered blood supply, tough scar tissue and depleted cartilage.

At Solomon Facial Plastic, hundreds of Toronto rhinoplasty patients who are unsatisfied with results from another practitioner, seek out Dr. Solomon’s help.

If you’re dealing with a frustrating result, Dr. Solomon will be pleased to consult with you, analyze the state of your nose, then present options appropriate for you. Call today to learn the next steps.

What is African American Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty requires facial cosmetic surgery experience with a variety of ethnicities and nose types. The aim when working with African American patients is typically to preserve the natural characteristics distinctive to their heritage, yet improve overall balance, proportion and specific concerns.

General differences between most European noses and African American ones include thicker skin, nasal flare, flatter nasal bridge, and broader nose bones. European patients may reduce the size of their nose through “reduction rhinoplasty surgery.” However, when completing an African American rhinoplasty, alterations to size or width are made without erasing ethnic distinctions that harmonize beautifully with the rest of the face.

What is an Asian Rhinoplasty?

Like other ethnically specific nose jobs, Asian rhinoplasty respects the anatomy unique to Asian faces. Many clients who fit under this umbrella seek greater definition of the nasal tip and additive changes for the low bridge or radix. The goal of Asian rhinoplasty is a harmonious, refined nose that blends well with the patient’s Asian heritage. The goal for most Asian patients is not to create a Caucasian nose, but to enhance the existing features within a context of Asian-specific characteristics. Dr. Solomon has completed Asian rhinoplasties for nearly 20 years.

What is Persian Rhinoplasty?

Persian rhinoplasty in Toronto is extremely popular. The Persian culture in this diverse city is well-represented, and both women and men in this ethnic group are often accepting and interested in facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Solomon’s Persian patients are usually knowledgeable about nose jobs and will often request consistent feature changes. This type of rhinoplasty accounts for a significant number of the rhinoplasty we perform. Dr. Solomon is considered an in-demand expert in the Toronto Persian community. Common requests include reducing a bump on the bridge and reducing the overall size and prominence of the nose.

For men and women seeking rhinoplasty in Toronto, learning about all the potential options and considerations can feel overwhelming. There are plenty of resources available online, but not all are reliable, and many will not be specifically related to you and your needs. People often scroll through numerous nose job before and after photos looking for their ideal result, yet the time and effort you put in could be wasted if you haven’t met your surgeon in person yet.

It’s time for your rhinoplasty consultation

The first thing we do for a potential patient is arrange a meeting with Dr. Solomon to thoroughly address all questions and concerns. Patients often arrive at our welcoming cosmetic surgery centre with a list of questions they’d like to ask. You can bring friends or a family member to help put you at ease and share the experience.

Some people wish to address shape, size or function of their nose. You may be sure that you want a rhinoplasty, or you may be seeking non-surgical alternatives. People often discuss more than one change they’d like as well.

Dr. Solomon will explain the rhinoplasty procedure to you in detail. He’ll ensure that you understand the process, the risks and benefits, the recovery experience and restrictions you’ll have while healing. You should feel confident that you know the pros and cons before proceeding, and that you have the available time off work and help at home to make a recovery a pleasant, safe experience.

Young people who wish to have nose surgery may need to wait until their late teens because facial bones should be finished growing before cosmetic surgery. Dr. Solomon will meet with teens and their parents to discuss the best treatment plan for them.

Persian Rhinoplasty Toronto

If you’re in good, overall health, a rhinoplasty could be the solution for your nose frustrations. This permanent procedure has a high satisfaction rate and can make impressive improvements to other facial features and balance too. Once the nose is improved, the eyes, chin and cheeks all come into alignment for a pleasant enhancement of the whole face. Having confidence that your surgeon consistently delivers natural, excellent results is essential for a stress-free, lifechanging cosmetic procedure.

You are welcome to contact Solomon Facial Plastic today and take the next step with us. Our caring staff will walk you through the process and help you to reveal your best features.

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