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Facial Fat Grafting Toronto

Facial Fat Transfer Toronto

Facial Fat Grafting in Toronto

Toronto Rhinoplasty Surgeon – Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon

Facial Fat Transfer in Toronto has become extremely popular as it offers a long-term solution for volume loss that most dermal fillers cannot provide. Many celebrities have shared their experience with Facial Fat Transfer, which has likely contributed to the notoriety of this procedure.

Micro Facial Fat Transfer

Also known as Micro Facial Fat Transfer, this treatment addresses volume loss as well as facial contouring. Facial Fat Transfer is an ideal procedure for both men and women of all ages looking for longer lasting, natural results to enhance and reshape their facial features without using anything synthetic.

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial Fat Transfer can be performed under local or general anesthetic and can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. Fat is extracted from the donor site using a liposuction cannula. The most common donor sites are the abdomen, thigh and buttock. The fat is then processed to remove excess fluid before being injected into the treatment site.

Facial Fat Transfer is an ideal treatment for filling hollows under the eyes and temples and for adding volume to folds, wrinkles and fine lines, for a smoother and more youthful complexion. Facial sculpting and contouring has become an extremely prevalent adding volume to the cheeks, jawline and lips. Facial Fat Transfer was the 9th most popular Cosmetic Procedure in the United States in 2015 according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Philip Solomon, Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon specializing in Facial Cosmetic Surgery, has been offering Facial Fat Transfer to his patients for 20 years at his Toronto clinic. Dr. Solomon says “Facial Fat Transfer’s popularity keeps growing because it is an easy procedure that uses a patients’ own tissue, posing little risk and complication. It is an affordable treatment, with a typically quick recovery, providing long lasting results. This makes for a very appealing option to those looking for long lasting facial volume and aesthetic enhancements.”

Facial Fat Grafting With Facelift Surgery

Facial Fat Grafting For Volume

Facial Fat Grafting for Lips & Folds


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