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Is Toronto Nose Surgery An Option To Straighten The Nose?

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Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgeries available, and it can be used to treat a number of common concerns. While some people chose to undergo Toronto nose surgery to remove a dorsal hump or improve the size or shape of their nose, many patients request rhinoplasty to straighten their nose, improving their appearance and self-esteem. Whether it is a result of injury or a deviated septum, if you are troubled by the appearance of a crooked nose, rhinoplasty or a combination rhinoplasty-septoplasty procedure can be used to straighten your nose.

What Causes A Crooked Nose?

While a perfectly symmetrical nose is not common, unfortunately, over time, many individuals begin to notice that their nose appears obviously crooked. In some cases this is caused by an injury to the nose, while in other instances, the nose just grows this way naturally. Overtime, irregularities in the nose may become more visible, as with age the face begins to lose fat and soft tissue, which can mask small irregularities.

In addition, the loss of elasticity and weakening of collagen in the face can affect the shape of the nose over time. When the nose is fractured due to injury, many patients develop deviation of their nasal pyramid, which causes a deviated septum and then the nose to appear crooked. In some instances, the injury to the nose seems minor at the time and is left untreated, as patients are unaware that the nose is fractured. However, when the nasal bones, which are in the upper third of the nose, are broken, they shift to the left or right and can become distorted over time, in some cases creating a bump or depression on the bridge.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Osteotomies are often required to narrow and straighten the nasal bones, while cartilage grafts or spreader grafts are typically necessary to straighten the dorsum and support the nasal valve. In addition, cartilage grafting is often required in the tip of the nose to ensure that it does not droop over time. In most cases, patients who have a crooked nose also have a deviated septum, which is why rhinoplasty is frequently combined with septoplasty to improve the nose’s appearance and functionality.

Although it is possible to straighten the nose with rhinoplasty, it is crucial to take your time and select a highly qualified and experienced facial surgeon who specializes in this complex surgical procedure. When considering nose surgery in Toronto, look no further than Dr. Philip Solomon, a double board certified facial cosmetic Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and one of the few surgeons in Ontario that is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, an exclusive and prestigious designation.

How Can Toronto Nose Surgery Straighten The Nose?

Regardless of the cause of your crooked nose, it is possible to straighten the nose using rhinoplasty. Depending on the extent of the nose’s deformity, the nasal bones can be repositioned, trimmed or augmented to straighten the bridge of the nose.

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