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Is It Possible To See Results 4 Months After A Toronto Nose Job?

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Rhinoplasty is frequently referred to as a nose job in Toronto, and is one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures available. This is because of its ability to dramatically transform the patient’s face and resolve common concerns with asymmetry, a dorsal hump or a disproportionately large nose.

Understandably, when undergoing rhinoplasty, patients hope to see the results as quickly as possible, however patience is necessary when recovering from a nose job as the final outcome may take up to a year to be evident. Although patients will begin to see a reduction in swelling within three to four months of their rhinoplasty procedure, it is not possible to see the final results four months after a nose job.

Residual Swelling

While the most noticeable swelling typically dissipates within 9-12 weeks of the procedure, it is important to be aware that residual swelling will persist for up to one year post-operatively. Thus, while you will begin to notice your nose looking more refined, a considerable change may not be evident until you reach the one-year milestone. In addition, in some cases, after the first several months, the swelling fluctuates for a period of time before the nose settles. As a result, it may appear more or less swollen from one day to the next.

Due to the effects of gravity, the swelling in upper third of the nose tends to dissipate faster than that in the middle or lower bridge of the nose. This means that four months post-operatively the upper third of your nose may appear more refined than the middle third or lower bridge. Within approximately six months swelling in the middle third typically begins to resolve itself, while in the lower bridge, it can take up to 12 months to dissipate.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Swelling In The Tip

As mentioned, in most cases the swelling is most persistent in the tip of the nose, particularly the supratip area as it is the lowest part of the nose, which means that it takes longer for the lymphatic drainage of the nasal tip to resolve itself. In addition, the skin tends to be thicker on the tip as well as the alar rims and radixes, which mean that these areas of the nose will initially appear more amorphous or less, defined than the rest of the nose.

Although this can be challenging, typically nasal tip swelling will gradually dissipate as the nose continues to heal. While it may take up to one year, during this time, the tip will begin to appear more refined and greater definition will be visible.

After a Toronto nose job, in some cases, when residual swelling in the tip is particularly bothersome, a small amount of temporary filler such as Juvederm or Restylane can be used to provide the desired definition to the nose. Alternatively, dilute steroid injections may be utilized to speed up the recovery process, particularly in the supratip area.

Although residual swelling can be frustrating, patients should not expect to see the final results of their Toronto nose job procedure for up to one year post-operatively. Therefore, it is important to have realistic expectations before undergoing the procedure.

Dr. Philip Solomon has been specializing in rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto for nearly 20 years and is sought out by patients from across Canada, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. For a consultation with Dr. Solomon, feel free to call our office to schedule your appointment.

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