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Patient Question:

I’m a transgender patient interested in reducing my Adams apple. Can you please describe this procedure and its typical recovery and if this procedure will affect ones voice?

Patient Question:

The Thyroid Cartilage, also referred to as the Adams apple is a prominent cartilage structure which is the front wall of the voice box and is typically larger in men than women. This structure can be shaved down to lessen its prominence and flatten the anterior neck. The procedure is typically done with general anesthesia but can be done with local anesthesia in certain cases. The procedure takes less than an hour. The Recovery is typically a week for bruising to largely settle. Final results can take a number of weeks. As this is surgery on the voice box structures it has risk and must be done by an surgeon with expertise in airway and cosmetic plastic surgery. This procedure is on the outer wall of the voice box and should not affect the voice. Different procedures to alter the voice or feminize the voice are available but typically are done by a laryngologist or voice surgeon as a separate procedure.

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