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Popular Myths About Chin Implants in Toronto Debunked

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You know that factual information is essential when planning a medical procedure. However, where can you find accurate, complete details regarding your cosmetic procedure, without anecdotal, contradictory or confusing distractions? We know researching can be tricky these days, but our patients want to be informed about their chosen procedures, and we want to help.

In Toronto, chin implant procedures are on the rise. It’s a popular choice for men and women, but some myths surround the surgery and its considerations. Here we’ll debunk a few so you can feel confident as you take the next steps.

Myth: Chin Augmentation With Implants Is Too Dangerous

Implanting medical grade silicone devices or other implants for in medicine is nothing new, but the idea of placing a foreign object in one’s face can raise concern and questions. Your facial cosmetic surgeon will explain the biocompatible materials chin implants in Toronto are comprised of and explain the risks related to rejection or infection which are relatively low.

Myth: The Recovery Will Be Lengthy & Painful

Cosmetic surgeries are not all created equal. One of the things our patients appreciate most about the surgery is the rapid recovery time associated with it. Instead of several weeks required for healing and lengthy time off work, our patients report minimal swelling and discomfort for roughly 3-5 days. You can expect to return to work and most regular activities by one-week post-procedure. If you choose to combine your chin implant in Toronto with additional facial surgery, the timeline and details of recovery will change accordingly.

Myth: It Will Look Fake or Obvious

Surely something that creates dramatic improvements to your appearance must make it evident that you had a procedure, right? Not in most cases. When you select an expert facial cosmetic surgeon who understands proportion and artistry in augmentation, you can expect an implant that creates natural-looking changes to enhance your whole face.

The implant itself will not be visible, won’t move and will suit your facial structure well. In many cases, those who know you may wonder why you look so good, but they won’t be able to put their finger on it.

Myth: Toronto Chin Implants Are High-Risk

All surgical procedures carry a few inherent risks, as does the use of general anaesthesia. Fully accredited surgical centres, licenced anaesthesiologists and experienced surgeons reduce these risks significantly. Dr. Solomon in a double board certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon-Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon Practicing Facial Plastic Surgery, including chin implants.

In the right hands, this procedure is associated with very few risks and high patient satisfaction. There’s always a chance of delayed healing, infection or visible scars. Following your surgeon’s advice can minimize these and speed up recovery time. The possibility of an implant shifting concerns some people; however, this is rare. In the case of a shift, the correction involves a straightforward procedure.

Myth: Chin Implants Are Only For Men

Historically, chiselled jaws and stronger chins have been motivation for more males to seek this procedure. Women can have underdeveloped jaws as well though, and implants appropriately sized for their faces do wonders to rebalance their whole look.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’re happy to answer questions or schedule your in-person consultation with Dr. Solomon. You can make dramatic improvements to your appearance more easily than you think. Give us a call today.

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