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Please Read Thoroughly, as we would like you to achieve the best possible results from your Laser Treatment at Solomon Facial Plastic. The Following Treatment Skincare Regimen is recommended to Maximize the results of your Treatment.

1. Hairline Lowering Surgery:

  • Immediately following your Laser Resurfacing Treatment, you may experience Swelling, Intense Redness, Pin-Point Bleeding, a Burning Sensation and Itchy Skin that can continue during your Healing Process. These symptoms are Normal.
  • If your Full Face was treated with Laser Resurfacing, you will have purchased a ZO Post Procedure Treatment Kit.
  • If Partial Face was treated with Laser Resurfacing, you will have received Aquaphor and Vinegar from our Clinic for your Post Procedure Treatment (For Eyes and PeriOral).

2. When You Return Home:

Once you return home following your Treatment, we recommend that you take it easy and feel free to eat if you’re hungry. You do not have to apply any post-care treatment the day of your Laser Resurfacing Treatment

  • Start Antibiotic and Prophylactic Anti-Viral Medications
  • (FULL FACE) You will have pre-purchased the ZO Post Procedure Kit from Dr. Philip Solomon to use daily for the first 10 days following your Toronto Laser Resurfacing Treatment
  • Our Medical Aesthetician will have reviewed the post-care protocol with you. Instructions will also be supplied with the kit
  • (PARTIAL FACE) Reapply a Thin Layer of Aquaphor as needed if skin is dry
  • (ALL LASER PATIENTS) You may wish to Lubricate your eyes if needed with Lubricating eye drops
  • Wear a Head Band to keep your Hair out of Treated Area
  • Cover your Pillow with an Inexpensive Linen
  • Sleep with your Head Elevated on Pillow to help Minimize Swelling
  • Take Tylenol for pain. Avoid Aspirin, Advil, or Ibuprofen

3. Day 2-10:

  • (FULL FACE) Continue to use the ZO Post Procedure Kit
  • (PARTIAL FACE) Apply a Thin Layer of Aquaphor after cleansing your skin.
  • Keep skin moist at all times; this will prevent skin from drying and cracking.
  • Apply Aquaphor as Needed throughout the day if your Skin starts to feel Dry (This will keep the Skin Hydrated and Decrease Burning Sensation)
  • Day 7 – You may start using a Gentle Cleanser and a Fragrance Free, Non-Irritating Moisturizer. It’s important the skin remain Hydrated throughout the day.
  • Apply Hydrator as often as Needed
  • Cleanse face twice a day (morning and before bed).
  • You may shower but AVOID Hot Water/Steam on Treated Area
  • Baths are preferred for the first 4 days
  • AVOID “picking at” the skin as well as scrubbing aggressively when Exfoliating the Skin; Allow it to Gently Slough off with the washing process
  • Wear a Protective Hat when Driving or near Windows
  • Avoid Dirty or Dusty environments (Hairsprays, Perfumes, etc.)
  • Do Not Wear Any Make-up on the treated Skin

4. Remember to Wear a Minimum of SPF 45 (total UV block) when exposed to the sun; While Driving, Walking, Spending time Outdoors and Sitting next to Windows.

5. Also Recommended:

  • EltaMD SPF 45
  • ZO Sunscreen + Primer
  • Oxygenetix Mineral Foundation to help Conceal any Redness

Please Note

If you have Any Concerns, Questions or Require Clarification Prior to Your Toronto Laser Resurfacing Procedure, we encourage you to call our office to speak to our Nurse or Medical Aesthetician at 905-764-7799. If you experience Severe Pain, Fever, Hives, Blistering or Bleeding After Hours, Please Contact Dr. Solomon Directly at [email protected]

We are happy to help you throughout your healing process!

6. Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning Instructions for Aquaphor

What you Need:

  • 4x4 gauze
  • Clean Face Cloths
  • White Vinegar
  • Distilled Water
  • Clean Container

7. How to mix Vinegar Water:

  • Dillute Vinegar with 3 parts water (Distilled if Possible).
  • Place Vinegar Water Mix in a clean Tupperware Container w/ Lid and refrigerate OR you can Leave at Room Temperature.
  • Label it “VINEGAR WATER” to avoid confusion

8. How To Wash Your Face with Vinegar Water Mix:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with Soap
  • Place a clean gauze inside the Tupperware and saturate the gauze
  • Squeeze excess before liquid before gently wiping or dabbing your face to remove oozing, bleeding and Aquaphor
  • This can be done Morning and Night
  • Gently pat dry, and always apply Aquaphor over the entire treated area after each cleansing
  • Discard gauze after each use to Avoid Contaminating the solution
  • After Day 7, you can switch to a Gentle Cleanser and Hydrator