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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: Jaw Angle Implants

Every face inherently comes with it’s own unqiue and charming characteristics as well as attractive features. At Solomon Facial Plastic, we see a variety of faces and compliment of facial features every day in our Toronto clinic. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for ideal facial harmony, as each persons’ face requires analysis and assessment by a meticulous and skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon prior to the creation of an individualized treatment plan. That said, there are some universal facial characteristics.

Facial measurement, symmetry, and proportion are understood so well by facial cosmetic/plastic surgeons that they recognize when a subtle change of just a few millimeters will transform their client’s image. One area where a small adjustment can make a significant impact is jaw angle implants. Toronto is fast becoming a hot spot for sculptural facial procedures and more people than ever are discovering how this technology can help them. Many people know about chin implants, but the building of a stronger, square or defined jaw is a subcategory all its own, and an extremely effective face-changer. Read on to learn all about this exciting method of building confidence through implants.

Do you know how facial implants can enhance ones’ appearance?

In Toronto, jaw angle implants are relatively new on the scene, along with a large number of personalized medical implants that go far beyond just cheeks or chin.
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There are implants created to restructure the bridge of the nose if flat or wide. Individualized facial implants can even minimize the tear trough area when depressions are left due to loss of fat pads. Perhaps the most desirable feature among men and women today is a chiseled jaw, demonstrated by beloved and revered Hollywood stars and models throughout history. Everyone from news anchors to politicians who possess a bold, strong jawline are known to exude confidence and strong character, yet it may be difficult for the untrained eye to pick out just what it is about their face we’re attracted to. In fact, multiple aspects of the jaw itself make a person look attractive and balanced, not just chin size but width, definition, vertical mandibular structure at the back of the jaw, even well-placed hollows in the cheeks. These are all features that can be subtly manipulated through the use of advanced custom facial implant design and placement. The smallest change creates a significant impact, making Toronto jaw angle implants some of the most versatile and powerfully transformative tools available today.

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How are Toronto Jaw Angle Implants Designed?

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For decades now, facial plastic surgeons have had access to a variety of materials and sizes of cosmetic and reconstructive implants. Typical materials used include silicone rubber, Gore-Tex (polytetrafluoroethylene), various porous polymer products like Medpor, (polyethylene), and hydroxyapatite which is actually a component in the development of bones and teeth.

Traditionally, to correct an underdeveloped jawline, implants were selected based on approximate size, then fitted during surgery to the bone. Shaving and removing small amounts of material customized the implant during operation for a better fit. Results were difficult to standardize. A steep angled jaw, for instance, can cause implants to sit high and widen the face undesirably. Spaces where the bone and device are not in continuous contact also present a problem.

Implants come in a number to sizes and shapes to allow your surgeon options in order to create the most natural results. Jaw angle implants can widen the face and enhance the jaw angle. Often patients who require jaw implants are those who may also desire a chin implant or who require orthognathic surgery and would achieve optimal results with the combination of procedures rather than just undergoing jaw implant surgery alone.

How Can You Determine Whether You’re a Candidate?

Are you dreaming of balancing out your face to let your inner Angelina Jolie shine through, or are you envious of George Clooney’s strong-jawed good looks? More regular people just like you are looking into this option than ever before. Few cosmetic procedures can achieve so much as the enhancement of one’s chin and jaw. Often, people aren’t sure why their face looks a little imbalanced or unattractive. When they meet one-on-one with a facial anatomy expert, they learn about their proportions and what adjustment could do for their face.

Good candidates include healthy people who have concerns about shape and structure of their face, a small or recessed chin or narrow face. Some patients have naturally sized upper and lower proportions, yet they desire a stronger, prominent jaw.

Others have a skeletal mandibular deficiency, typically presenting with a Class 2 overbite. Severe orthodontic and skeletal adjustment is better addressed with mandibular surgery, (moving the jaw) however an estimated 80% of these candidates can benefit from custom implants. Toronto facial cosmetic surgeons take the opportunity during assessment to explore possible options including surgery with or without implants, orthodontic work and non-surgical, cosmetic injections with fillers. A treatment plan can be completely personalized for each individual.

The Ideal Candidate for Chin or Jaw Implants in Toronto Includes:

  • Those who want to improve facial asymmetry due to congenital factors or injury.
  • Those who have noticed a loss of defined facial contour and chin structure due to aging.
  • Those who have proper jaw function and teeth in a stable position.
  • Those who have realistic expectations and a positive overall outlook.

Understanding what can and cannot be achieved through facial cosmetic surgery is crucial. Without the right mindset, a person may be disappointed or overwhelmed by their result. Not only is recovery a journey requiring patience, but facial enhancements are designed to improve the face you have, not change it to someone else’s. If a person understands what limitations there are and various possible outcomes, they’ll be well-prepared to enjoy and appreciate their changes.

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What Should You Expect During Your Consultation for Jaw Angle Implants in Toronto?

Patients will often seek out Toronto’s top facial plastic surgeons when doing their research for jaw angling implants. Dr. Phillip Solomon is renowned for his work in facial plastic surgery and is sought out by people from across Canada, and is often a first choice for many patients in Toronto and across Ontario. An Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon, practicing facial plastic cosmetic surgery, Dr. Solomon is double board-certified in Canada and the United States, which sets him apart in an exclusive category of facial surgeons province-wide. When you visit us, we’ll gather some essential information about your medical history and provide a physical exam. To help narrow down your treatment options and devise a customized approach, Dr. Solomon will assess your teeth, including your bite and facial measurements to get an accurate picture of your existing balance and symmetry. We schedule next steps once a treatment plan is proposed, target outcomes discussed, and all your questions are answered. Additional appointments are booked as needed to prepare you for surgery.

During the consultation, it’s critical that you be open and honest about your whole health picture, including mental health. Let your surgeon know about supplements and medications you take. Each piece of information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is required to keep you safe. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions and even bring photos if they’ll help you communicate your goals. Dr. Solomon is here to listen and partner with you, together, achieving your exciting new look.

Key Points for Procedure Preparation

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A special mention regarding smoking: If you smoke, or use nicotine products you’ll be asked to stop two weeks before your OR day. As well, you’ll need to refrain a few weeks after. Anyone with a nicotine addiction knows it can be extremely tough and stressful to quit. It’s a good idea to plan months ahead and get lots of help, so you’re well on your way in time for the big day.

There are serious reasons why this is essential for great results. Smoking constricts blood flow to the face and surgical site which may delay healing, leaving you more prone to infection, poor wound closure, and scarring. If you need help kicking the habit, ask your surgeon or your primary care physician. After all, you’re going to look great, why not feel fantastic too?

What Happens During the Procedure?

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to put your jaw angle implants in place. The surgery lasts only 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of work required. You’ll be comfortably asleep under general anaesthetic, and upon waking, you’ll be free to go home two hours later when you’re up to it.

During the procedure, two small incisions are made inside the mouth, on either side of the lower lip. Precise pockets are formed. Once implants are in the correct position, internal, dissolvable sutures close the small openings. No incisions show from the outside, but you may have a bandage or compression garment placed on your head/chin to help reduce swelling and stabilize the area.

What is the Recovery Process Like with Jaw Implants?

You’ll be advised to avoid strenuous activity, including aerobic exercise, bending over or lifting anything heavy for at least 3-4 weeks. Recovery is a great time to catch up on reading and watch some favorite TV shows. Following these instructions is imperative for safe, beautiful results because increased blood pressure in the face will not only hurt but might increase swelling or bleeding. Your surgeon will give you the all-clear to get back to the gym and active life again.

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You’ll need to pack a little patience because final results can’t be truly appreciated until roughly nine months have passed. While you’ll see a difference right away and love your new look in 3-4 weeks, there’s a subtle degree of residual swelling and inflammation that may take many months to disappear.

Implants provided by Implantech and Medpore, are both available at our Toronto Clinic. Patients can search the variety of implants available on-line. Augmenting the jaw is an effective way to transform a face. It’s undeniable that male models, actors, and various public figures are known for powerful features, including prominent jawlines. Males tend to request jaw angle augmentation more than their female counterparts, but plenty of ladies are discovering the impactful way a confident jaw can reframe their face as well. We feel better when we know we’re putting our best face forward. You’re welcome to contact Solomon Facial Plastic today and take the next step to learn what this enhancement can do for you.

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