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Choosing The Right Implant Size For Your Chin Implant in Toronto

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: Facial Implant

Chin augmentation can achieve numerous aesthetic improvements for our patients. In Toronto, chin implants are commonly used to smooth and contour the neck and jaw, enhance a weak chin and even balance other features like the cheeks and nose.

The implants available today range in materials used, shape and size. What type is your surgeon likely to recommend for you? That will depend somewhat on your existing facial anatomy and your goals. When you seek a cosmetic facial surgeon for your procedure, be sure to meet with surgeons who specialize in the head and neck and perform chin augmentation often. When you visit with Dr. Phillip Solomon, facial surgery specialist, he’ll discuss all your available options with you and describe the pros and cons for each implant type. Here are a few of the defining features.

Toronto Chin Implant Size & Shape

Ranging from small to extra-large, most surgeons and patients choose the larger options, but men will opt for the largest in most cases. Implants are generally firm, not squishy like breast and muscle implants. They are thicker in the centre and taper at the edges.

Available in curvilinear, extended or square shapes, the aim is always to create a smooth transition so no visible device edges or unnatural features can be seen. Additionally, some chin implants are designed to conform to the underlying bone which allows for a snug fit.

What Are Chin Implants In Toronto Made From?

Materials include silicone, porous hydroxyapatite, polyethylene or Gortex. Silicone implants are considered to be relatively low risk, and they’re quite popular for chin augmentation. Medical-grade silicone offers the option of reversing and removing the implant if desired.

Gore-Tex stands for expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) which is porous like real bone and promotes tissue to grow into it, locking it in place.

When you meet with Dr. Solomon for your facial surgery consultation, he’ll ask you questions about your expectations for the procedure and review your medical and dental history.

Careful planning with the whole picture in mind allows your surgeon to recommend the most suitable option. Handling the implant in person, holding an example to their face and looking at digital simulations can all help to paint a clear picture of the potential outcome.

Chin implant procedures are effective and carry high satisfaction rates. A patient can create a long-lasting or permanent change to beautify the shape of their face, improve structure, harmony and proportions. Some people who feel they have an overly large, protruding nose learn that their chin is recessed, and augmentation enhances the appearance of all their features, including the nose. Likewise, rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery are often combined for transformative results.

If you’re interested in learning more about cosmetic chin surgery, we welcome you to contact the Toronto Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre.

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