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Chin Implant in Toronto: How Quick Is The Recovery?

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Chin implants are on trend right now with men and women requesting this procedure to balance their features. If you have a recessed or small chin, you may feel self-conscious and consider augmentation surgery to improve it. One of the first things people want to know about when researching chin implants in Toronto is, how quick is the recovery?

You’re in luck- the healing period after the surgery is typically fast and straightforward. Here we’ll elaborate with some details about the recovery process, so you understand what to expect.

What’s Involved With Having A Chin Implant In Toronto?

Both men and women choose this procedure to harmonize their facial features. Although it can improve a sagging or ill-defined neck and jaw, it’s not primarily designed for anti-ageing, but facial proportion balancing.

Implants can be made from silicone, Gor-tex, Medpor or other materials and are generally available in numerous sizes and shapes.

Chin implants can be further customized and sculpted by the cosmetic surgeon as well. Patients and surgeons often select silicone options, due to low risk of complication like infection or rejection.

Sometimes people feel that their nose and other features are out of balance with a small chin. For some men, the desire for a more chiselled and confident “strong-jawed” look is not to correct but simply enhance their appearance. Whatever the purpose, augmentation for the chin is a permanent way to change the silhouette and characteristics of the jaw area.

The surgery is commonly performed in 1 hour under general anaesthetic and patients go home the same day. A small incision will be created inside the mouth, behind the lower lip, or just under the chin. In either case, it will be nearly undetectable once healed.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Unlike some popular facial cosmetic surgeries which are more extensive, the recovery time required after a chin implant is relatively fast. You’ll likely experience some minor swelling and bruising for 3-5 days. You’ll be provided with pain medication to take if needed. Most people can return to work and regular activities by 1 week, though your surgeon will advise you not to press on the area and to avoid some strenuous activities for a time.

To make your recovery more rapid, be sure to elevate your head and shoulders while sleeping for the first 1-2 weeks as this discourages facial swelling. You can apply cold compresses, and your surgeon may advise you to wear a facial compression garment.

Pro tip* Have a week’s worth of prepared, soft meals ready for your week off at home. If your jaw feels sensitive and chewing causes soreness, you’ll appreciate having light, easy to eat meals until you’re fully healed.

You can create dramatic improvements to the overall harmony of your facial features through the addition of a simple, subtle chin implant. Toronto facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Phillip Solomon is a renowned expert, and he’ll be pleased to meet with you for consultation.

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