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Toronto Facelift Lite - Have You Heard Of A Mini Lift?

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For individuals who are seeking a way to improve their sagging jaw line or cheeks without a traditional facelift, Dr. Phillip Solomon often recommends a mini facelift. This innovative Toronto facelift procedure works well for patients who are middle aged and lack signs of substantial aging on their neck. As a mini procedure, it offers advantages such as shorter surgery and recovery time compared to a traditional facelift, but with similar cosmetic outcomes achieved.

What Can A Mini Facelift Accomplish?

Like a traditional facelift in Toronto, the “light” version can achieve a more youthful appearance by elevating the jowls for a sleeker jaw line, lifting descended cheek fat for added fullness, and smoothing the folds around the mouth.

It’s important to note, however, that mini facelifts do not address signs of aging on the neck.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For A Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is suitable for both men and women that have moderate signs of facial aging and minimal amount of sagging in the neck region. Typically, we see younger patients for a mini facelift, as they want to maintain their youthful appearance at an earlier age. We do also perform mini facelift procedures for older patients who are less concerned with their neck. Since a facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure, it is important that patients are healthy and relatively fit, as well as non-smokers. We highly suggest our patients quit smoking at least two weeks prior to the surgery and maintain abstinence afterward, to ensure the best experience and outcomes.

What Is The Mini Facelift Procedure Like?

Dr. Solomon performs the mini Facelift procedure under general anesthesia in our accredited private surgery clinic in Toronto. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, incisions are made to expose the underlying muscle layer. This layer is tightened to effectively elevate the sagging cheeks and jowl tissues. Next, Dr. Solomon drapes and tightens the skin to achieve natural-looking results. The incisions are closed in a meticulous manner upon completion of the surgery and patients begin their recovery.

The incisions that Dr. Solomon uses during a mini facelift will leave only very small scars that are inconspicuous and minimally visible because of their strategic placement. He starts the incision at the earlobe and travels upward, along the natural cheek/ear junction. It continues into the hair and ends approximately 3-5cm on the temple. Sometimes, an alternate incision can be made along the bottom of the sideburns and follows the hairline instead. Since the incisions are blended with the natural curves and lines of the face, any scars that form after the surgery should be unnoticeable.

What Is The Recovery Period Like?

A mini facelift is completed on an outpatient basis and patients generally return home within hours of the surgery to recover comfortably in their own environment.

Once home, we recommend our patients rest and relax. Non-strenuous activities such as light walking, watching television and cooking are permitted. It’s important to keep the head elevated to reduce facial swelling and to promote the healing process. There may be minor bruising within the first few weeks following the procedure and patients typically experience very mild levels of pain, which can be handled with prescription or other permitted OTC medication.

Most patients are able to return to their daily work from 7-14 days, although strenuous activities like exercise and heavy lifting should wait until 4-6 weeks after surgery.

If you’re interested in obtaining a more youthful and refreshed appearance with a mini facelift in Toronto, we would like to invite you to our clinic for a private consultation with Dr. Solomon.

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