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Dimples have the ability to give a face an added sparkle and youthful appearance, so it’s no wonder that people are seeking out this procedure in order to add one or two to their own face.

Celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Mario Lopez all have dimples to be admired, however not all dimples are created equal. Dimples come in different shapes, sizes and locations. Some people want deep and round dimples while others prefer more subtle vertical dimples. Recognizing that everyone’s facial anatomy can vary, it’s important that your surgeon carefully examines your face in order to determine the ideal placement to create the dimple.

A consultation is essential to determine if your are a good candidate for the procedure, as it’s not recommended for people with thin faces due to the potential of creating a more hollowed appearance.

The actual procedure itself is fairly simple and is performed under local anesthetic. A small incision is made on the inside of the cheek where a bit of cheek muscle is removed. You will be left with a dissolving suture that lasts a week or two that ties the dimple to the underside of the cheek. Therefore you won’t be left with any incisions or visible scars from the outside.

Dimples can be created for both cheeks at one time, taking about 20 minutes per side, however it’s often recommended to only do one side at a time before committing to both, since it’s not reversible.

Patients are able to go home right after the procedure and will experience minimal pain and swelling. Once you have healed which could take up to 2 weeks, your dimples should ideally be ready for you to enjoy.