Whether you read magazines, frequent beauty blogs or simply like to browse the makeup counter at Sephora, it’s likely that you’ve heard about a new makeup trend called “Contouring.” Through a combination of Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants and Lip Enhancements, this can be done.

This makeup technique was previously reserved for photo shoots and runway fashion shows. Today, women everywhere are trying to adopt this trend. The purpose of contouring is to give shape to an area of your face. It enhances your facial structure’s highlights and shadows with certain makeups. Even more, contouring is hardly noticeable to detect. Yet it creates the illusion of high cheekbones and clean facial lines. Unfortunately, contouring can be a hard trend to master. It requires time and effort. Even when you do master it, trying to achieve those results every morning is time consuming and tedious. However, do not set out to buy dozens of powders, bronzers and a new set of professional brushes. Permanent contouring is an option! You can achieve that spectacular contoured look. You do not have to spend time in front of the mirror every day. Cosmetic surgery offers many options such as rhinoplasty, cheek implants and lip enhancements that will make you look younger and fresh-faced with perfectly angled features.


Otherwise known as a nose job, this procedure enhances facial harmony. Your nose will be proportioned so that it sits evenly in the middle of your face and any imperfections will be smoothed or removed completely. This surgery can fix everything from nostrils that are too big to nasal asymmetry.After rhinoplasty surgery your nose will be better balanced in the centre of your face. An added bonus of a nose job is that it can also correct any breathing problems you may be struggling with.

Cheek implants

If you want cheekbones that accentuate your face in a slimming way, implants are the perfect option. This procedure emphasizes the cheeks by either inserting implants or injecting non-harmful materials like fat or soft tissue filler into the area to give you a more youthful and sleek appearance.

Lip enhancements

Some people make use of contouring makeup around their mouths to give them a plumper looking pout. Lip injections are a great way to enhance your mouth without all the work. There are various possibilities available to give your mouth that kissable and desirable look. There are semi-permanent options or implants that can enhance your lips. Often, surgeons apply this method alongside other facial procedures like chin augmentation and face lifts. No matter which procedure you decide is right for you, be it one or all of them, you will not need contouring makeup. Facial surgeries are forms of permanent contouring that will make you look as beautiful and unique on the outside as you are on the inside.