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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery by Dr.Solomon: Dr Solomon, makes rhinoplasty a large focus of his practice in Toronto, Canada, and has extensive experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal and nose Plastic surgery. In open rhinoplasty, a short incision is made across the skin at the base of the nose. Dr Solomon generally reserves this approach for revision cases or severely traumatized noses.

Toronto Rhinoplasty Video Conversation

Rachels. I am always trying to take the accent off my nose and I am hoping that after the Skin deep rhinoplasty surgery, I will be able to get up in the morning throw my hair back and not even think about my nose shape.

Dr Solomon. Rachels main problem is that her cartilage on the top of her nose is shaped like a hump. The rhinoplasty surgery will reduce the bump and make a dramatic difference in her appearance.

Rachel So what we decided jointly is to remove the hump off my nose and remodel the cartilage at the end of my nose. Dr Solomon. So here we have taken out some of the cartilage and some of the nasal bone. After the bridge of the nose is lowered to the appropriate level we have to deal with the 3rd component of the operation which is closing what is known as the open roof deformity. This is accomplished by fracturing the nose to allow the mobility of the nasal bones.

We have also defined the nasal tip. This has created some more nostril flaring. Finally we have closed all the incisions that have been made inside the nose. I think the surgery went quite well and after the healing process she should be quite happy.


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