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Teenage rhinoplasty /nose jobs are amongst the most common procedures. Age 15 is the youngest age I would generally offer rhinoplasty to a patient. Age is only one factor in determining candidacy for cosmetic rhinoplasty. A patients maturity both physically & emotionally is most important.

There are few Canadian guidelines on what age is appropriate for surgery. Health Canada says teenage girls must be 18 before receiving breast implants. For other cosmetic surgery children under 16 must have parental consent. But before operating on teens there are important issues for cosmetic surgeons to consider. A patient must have at clear idea what they are embarking upon. Their expectations and their understanding about possible complication are paramount. As well a patient must have a clear idea of what they want to have done. Aimee has the support of her family. Aimee wanted a smaller straighter nose. As she has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve I have a good idea of how to approach her surgery.


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