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Dr.Solomon is a specialist surgeon for Open rhinoplasty and closed approach rhinoplasty. Blepharoplasty is the most common form of cosmetic eyelid surgery, and is performed to remove excess fat and skin from around the eyelids.

Toronto Rhinoplasty Video Conversation

The shape of my nose and this bump which the doctor call a beak. Lori doesn’t like the size and shape of her nose and how her nose blends with her other facial features.

What I have done here is taken six photographs of different views of Lori’s nose. The computer imaging technology we have allows us to look at Loris nose and show her potential before and after images from rhinoplasty surgery.

I just graduated from the university and will be starting a new career teaching and the kids will see exactly what I don’t want them to see.

In Lori's case the cartilage portion of the bridge of her nose is very prominent and that has given her a somewhat beak shape to her nose.

It’s a new chapter starting in my life and I want to start it more comfortably and not be so conscious of myself.

The 2 approaches to rhinoplasty surgery one is the open approach and the other is the closed approach and in Lori’s case it’s the closed approach that we will use. I am separating the cartilage from the skin envelope here. We are removing some of the cartilage bump on Lori’s nose. This is a rasp and I am just filing things down the nasal bone run the smoothly edges to get this as smooth as possible. You will see as we go long the changes are immediate. We are going to mobilize the bone now.Before I had the surgery I was very subconscious of people seeing me from the side. And after the surgery its amazing how different I feel. I am the same person and the thing that used to bother me is not there anymore.


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