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Fillers that last and look natural!

Posted in Fillers | Posted By - Dr. Philip Solomon

Volbella for Lips

Volbella for LipsSince I am committed to providing the best available products and services to my patients, I am pleased to announce the newest addition to our injectable family of products. Volbella is the newest hyaluronic acid injectable filler specifically designed just for lips.

If you have had lip fillers in the past, you are probably looking for a lip filler that lasts. Well, I like this product because it is clinically proven to last 9-12 months. Some other benefits of Volbella are that it is injected with little discomfort and minimal swelling, it is soft and smooth and it produces a very natural appearance.

As a part of the natural aging process, the lips start to lose their definition and patients often complain that their lips have shrunk or that their lipstick starts to seep into the creases and fine lines that have developed over the years.  Lip treatment with Volbella not only enhances lip volume but also provides hydration to the lips and helps to stimulate your own collagen production.  Other patients that are simply looking to enhance the volume of their lips and to create a pouty appearance are very pleased with this treatment.

If you are like most of my patients and you want a lip filler that looks natural and lasts, I am pleased to offer you a lip treatment with Volbella.  For those that are interested, a Volbella treatment is $600+HST.  To learn more about this new treatment, please contact my office to schedule a personal consultation.

Redensity II for Eyes

Redensity II for EyesLower eyelid hollows and dark circles continue to be an ongoing concern for both women and men.  Most patients have tried a variety of eye serums and creams as seen on TV that claim to erase lines and remove dark circles and are disappointed in the results.

The eyes are typically an area on the face that are negatively impacted by a person’s lack of sleep and exposure to environmental stressors. Your eyes are often an area on the face that most people notice and can be perceived as an indication of your youth.

Redensity II is an innovative injectable filler that adds volume to the under eye tear troughs to eliminate the deep hollows and reduce dark circles. Treating the under eye area also helps to blend the cheek and the eye to reduce that undesirable separation that develops between the two as we age. It also helps to reduce the fine lines and creases that have formed over time.  This treatment can also be an alternative to blepharoplasty in patients that are not quite ready for surgery.

To further enhance results for my patients, I have adopted a new technique into my practice with the use of blunt cannulas.  With this technique, I gently poke the skin with a small needle on the side of the orbital rim to create an entry point under the skin that allows me to guide the blunt catheter to precisely deposit the filler in the desired location. I prefer this technique because there is less discomfort for my patients and it is the safest technique to treat such a delicate area.  This approach also reduces bruising and swelling.  Overall, patients are able to achieve a more comfortable treatment, obtain their desired results and leave my office with a natural and youthful appearance.

For those interests in this innovative treatment, the cost ranges between $600 and $1200+HST. To learn if this new treatment approach is right for you, please contact my office to schedule a personal consultation.

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