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Are there any Complications of Dimple Surgeries?

Posted in Dimple Surgery | Posted By - Dr. Philip Solomon

With many thousands of Canadians now exploring their cosmetic options in 2015, one relatively new procedure has become much sought-after within the marketplace. Dimple surgeries involve the creation of dimples at the side of the patient’s mouth through cosmetic techniques.

Dimple Plastic Surgery

While the surgery is highly safe and quite simple for skilled professionals, it’s important that patients understand the complications that might arise during their surgery. In this post, we’re outlining the potential complications of dimple surgeries.

A Simple Surgery with Minimal Complications

Like any cosmetic surgery, there are risks associated with undergoing dimple surgeries such as dimple creation. However it should be noted that under the hand of a skilled surgeon and by following the post-operative instructions given by your doctor, the chances of complications or side effects are extremely low.

Infection is one of the leading risks. Infections at the incision site can occur when bacteria makes contact underneath the patient’s skin and can be dangerous if left untreated by antibiotics over a period of time. While the risk of infection during a dimple creation surgery is minimal, it may occur when the specialist doesn’t have the experience of completing the procedure effectively. This highlights the importance of completing comprehensive research before selecting a cosmetic expert.

Dr. Solomon and his team are experts in dimple surgery, and visiting our offices will result in the lowest possibility of complications.

Scarring could be an Important Consideration

The dimple creation surgery requires that the surgeon cut through the mucosa, cheek muscle and submucosal fat to create the dimple in the skin. This may lead to scarring occurring on the exterior of the face in the form of a small red line.

The vast majority of patients have little or no scarring one month after their procedure has been completed. However, there is a small risk that the scarring will remain after that period. It’s important for patients to work with their cosmetic surgeon to analyze the types of scarring that can occur and the potential cosmetic solutions to scars that remains after the recovery period has been completed. There are numerous scar repair options available.

Risks are Highly Outweighed by the Benefits

The risks of dimple creation surgery are similar to those of any other cosmetic work. By balancing the risks with the benefits the surgery offers, patients can make the right decision for their surgical requirements. The benefits of the surgery include:

  • Surgery can be completed in just 30 minutes
  • Skilled surgeons can give character to the face with dimples
  • The surgery can be performed on cheeks of any size

For those looking to enhance their appearance through dimple surgery, speaking with an expert can help ensure all potential risks are analyzed and mitigated. To learn more on the surgical process, contact our trusted office team directly.

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