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What are the Different Types of Lip Augmentation?

Posted in Cosmetic Surgery | Posted By - Dr. Philip Solomon

Lip augmentation is a popular cosmetic treatment and has been for many years. Thanks to its popularity, there are now many options available for those seeking to enhance their lips.

Lip AugmentationHyaluronic acid. Products Restylane, juviderm, vobella, teosyal kiss,

  • These clear, injectable gels are made from hyaluronic acid similar to acid which occurs naturally in the human body. Products last 3 to 12 months.

Autologous Fat:

  • Using the patient’s own fat which must be harvested from another part of their body, this treatment provides longer-lasting results than collagen and carries no risk of rejection. As the fat is eventually reabsorbed into the body, repeated treatments will be necessary to maintain results. This procedure can cause lumping or scarring in some cases.

Alloderm, Dermalogen:

  • Made from donated cadaver tissue, these materials become integrated with the patient’s own tissues and are not rejected from the body. They produce a pliable and natural feeling result.


  • This injectable dermal implant is made from the patient’s own skin and carries no risk of rejection.


  • Fascia is a donor tissue made of the dense, white connective tissue which support the body’s structure. It can be injected or surgically inserted.

Gore-Tex, Soft-Form:

  • These permanent, synthetic surgical implants carry a small risk of rejection but are generally well-tolerated by most patients.


  • Similar to breast implants, this method of lip augmentation uses inflatable saline implants which are long-lasting but carry a small risk of deflation. They will probably need to be replaced over time.

The V-Y Technique:

  • This surgical technique involves no implants or fillers and results in permanent but more subtle results than many of the other treatments listed here.

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