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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: Browlift

The browlift is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery procedure that can show lasting effects for up to ten years. Browlifts are a common response to the effects of aging, which can be seen in the areas around the eyes and brow.

A common form of cosmetic plastic surgery, the browlift is most often performed on both men and woman from ages 40’s to their 60’s. Naturally, with the advent of years in human skin, patients will observe a hooding of the eyes and an eventually sagging and drooping of the brow.

Browlift Surgery

The browlift process also involves a pulling back of the skin around the eyes in a lift towards a more desirable position. Patients must be aware; the effects of a browlift may not be as drastic as desired, and must be realistic in their expectations.

That being said the browlift is a beneficial cosmetic procedure that is utilized in connection with other cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedures to achieve an ultimate youthful look. The browlift does not take long to recover from as the stitches can be removed as early as 10 days after the operation. I addition, bruising and numbness of the brow is very common and will most likely disappear within a short time of the operation.

Browlift Surgery Techniques

There are several techniques of browlift procedures all with their particular benefits. The two most common consist of the traditional method of an incision across the hairline, whereas endoscopic techniques consist of several small incisions behind the scalp. The latter increases recovery time greatly as the small incioins naturally heal faster in the browlift.

Both methods are decided on a patient by patient basis as each individual case has its advantages and disadvantages to each patient. If the browlift sounds interesting to you please contact us for more information.

Unfortunately the browlift will not end this aging process but can potentially decrease the visible signs of aging while tightening and smoothing the muscles in the forehead and brow.

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