New Ultrapulse Fractionated CO2 Laser Facial Skin Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing Toronto CO2 Laser Resurfacing Technology offers Dramatic Results. One to Two treatments can give more dramatic results than multiple treatments with conventional fraxel lasers. CO2 Laser is powerful and surgical grade. The procedure should generally be done by Dr Solomon on deep settings for wrinkles and facial scares. On the active or lighter treatment mode one can dramatically improve skin tone, texture and even out “dyscromias” brown spots. Lighter treatments are done by Dr Solomon or our Laser specialist. Dr Solomon the first office in GTA to offer Fractionated Co2 with the ultra pulse technology. Dr Solomon felt that if individuals were planning to spend thousands on laser treatment they should obtain visible and often dramatic results.

Patient 1  
Before Laser Resurfacing After Laser Resurfacing
Severe photoaging with loss of elasticity and severe wrinkles
Treated with Ultrapulse Laser Deep and Active FX

Patient 2  
Solar Skin Damage Ultrapulse Active FX
Solar skin damage treated with one Ultrapulse Active FX

Patient 3  
Lines Around Mouth Ultrapulse Deep FX

Lines around the mouth treated with the ultrapulse Deep FX

Patient 4  
Lines Around Mouth Ultrapulse Deep FX

Ultrapulse C02 Laser resurfacing for hyperpigmentation. Dramatic improvement of hyper pigmented facial skin from one treatment of the Ultrapulse

Patient 5  
Lines Around Mouth Ultrapulse Deep FX

This young man presented with a congenital nevus. He had many dermatologic treatments including laser resurfacing with conventional co2 devices. The Deep and Active FX laser produced significant improvement with two treatments

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