Before and After Rhinoplasty

Patient 101

Neck Lipsuction

twisted nose with asymetric nasal bones.  Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery with closed approach spreader graft placed to build up one side of nasal bridge.  Neck lipsuction and chin implant also performed to improve neck shape and  chin strength.

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Patient 102

Nose Reduction Surgery

Patient requested reduction rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery for nasal congestion..  She had a bulky tip,  dorsal bump, deviated septum and overprojected nose.

Reduction cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery reduced tip, reduced hump, deprojected nose,  and strenghthened the side walls of the nose to optimize breathing.

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Patient 103

Rhinoplasty Tip

Cosmetic rhinoplasty Surgery performed to reduce tip,  lift tip,  reduce hump and narrow nasal bones. Side view and three quarter view show the natural nose achieved from closed rhinoplasty surgery.

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Patient 104

Rhinoplasty Specialist

Reduction Cosmetic rhinoplasty performed by Dr P Solomon Toronto and Thornhill Ontario.. Dramatic enhancement of nasal shape.

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Patient 105

Straighten Nose

This women presented with a twisted nasal deformity.  Closed rhinoplasty and septoplasty with cartilage grafting to her right nasal sidewall was able to significantly straighten her nose.  Surgery done by Dr Solomon Facial Cosmetic Surgeon located in Toronto Ontario Canada.


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Patient 106

Facial Balance

Cosmetic reduction Rhinoplasty performed by Dr Philip Solomon located in Thornhill Ontario and Toronto Ontario Canada.  Rhinoplasty Surgery was able to achieve dramatic improvement in facial balance and aesthetics.

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Patient 107

Nasal Deformity

Cosmetic rhinoplasty dramatically improved nasal proportions and staightened a twisted nasal deformity.  Closed rhinoplasty performed by  Dr Solomon allowed no exernal scarring.

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Patient 108

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Patient 109

Overprojected Nose

Very large nose which was overprojected.  Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery performed to dramatically improve her nasal proportions.  Her nose tip was reduced, nose was shortened, tip lifted and rotated.

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Patient 110

Nasal Tip Surgeon

This women requested rhinoplasty surgery by Dr Solomon Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Head and Neck Surgeon practicing facial plastic surgery in Toronto Canada. Her nasal tip is dramatically overprojected.  Surgery required significant reshaping of the nasal tip allowing it to move closer to her face and then her bridge was adjusted to create a natural,  balanced nasal proportions.

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