Before and After Revision Rhinoplasty

Patient 11

Retracted nostrils

Revision Rhinoplasty was performed by Dr Solomon  Facial Cosmetic Surgeon  Toronto Canada to correct nostril retraction.  Severe Nostril retraction can be difficult to correct.  In this case ear cartilage was used to rebuild and lower the nostrils.  Significant improvement following revision Rhioplasty.

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Patient 12

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Toronto Canada

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Patient 13

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery Toronto Canada

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery performed by Dr Solomon Toronto Canada.  Prior rhinoplasty surgery had lead to pinching of the nasal tip. Reconstructive rhinoplasty to rebuild the nasal tip provided a more natural and better functioning nose. See the bottom view to appreciate the significant improvement in nasal tip shape.

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Patient 14

nasal dorsum deformity

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery performed by Dr Solomon to correct nasal bridge deformity.  This women underwent rhinoplasty in the middle east.  Unfortunately her first surgery was not successful and created an unnatural appearance to her nasal bridge.  Revision surgery performed in Toronto Canada created a dramatic improvement of her nasal appearance.

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Patient 15

Polybeak deformity

Polybeak deformity resulted from primary rhinoplasty elsewhere.  Revision Rhinoplasty Dr Solomon Facial Cosmetic and reconstructive Surgeon in Toronto Canada dramatically enhanced nasal appearance.

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Patient 16

nasal dorsum reconstruction

Two prior rhinoplasty surgeries elsewhere led to a significant deformity to this womens nasal bridge.  Tertiary revision surgery was carried out by Dr Solomon Oto-Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Plastic Surgery Toronto Canada.  Notice the dramatic improvement in this womens nasal appearance.

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Patient 17

Polybeak deformity Toronto

Revision Rhinoplasty carried out on this attractive young women.  Note the polybeak shape to her nose.   Dr Solomon carried out the revision rhinoplasty surgery.  Her nasal tip was refined and raised.  her polybeak was lowered and her upper bridge was raised.  One year after her revision Rhinoplasty her results show a natural and dramatically improved nasal appearance.

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Patient 18

Revision open roof deformity

This women udnerwent prior rhinoplasty surgery.  She had a severe deviated septum.  Her results indicated nasal bone asymetry.  Revision Rhioplasty surgery with nasal bone reshaping and augmentation to her nasal bridge restored a natural appearance from front on view.

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